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Thu 20 Apr 2017
at 12:41
DC x Marvel - Chapter 1: Genesis
Received a lot more interest and applications than expected within 24 hrs. I will close new applications for now.

The place is San Francisco. The year is 2019. Welcome to DC x Marvel: Genesis

A custom setting inspired by the DC comics and Marvel comics universes, a world that has never seen super heroes nor infamous super villains. The players are among the first powered individuals the world has seen, the first of a new era of heroes. Forget what you know of the DC and Marvel comic history as we are about to write our own. Characters are created by taking a character from DC comics and a character from
Marvel comics and using these as the bases and inspirations to create a brand new character or a re imagination of an established character. Creativity is key.

The Secret:

Unbeknownst to the rest of the population, Stark Enterprise have in their possession an otherworldly being locked away in the deepest level of Stark Tower. The Stark have used  this being for decades to advance our technology and unlock unimaginable secrets. Thanks to what they have named "Project: DarkSeed", Stark Enterprise is far ahead of the competition in term of research and development.

The Catalyst:

An undetectable force has been radiating from Project: DarkSeed, a force that has somehow triggered hidden abilities locked within the genes of certain individuals. New waves emanate from Stark Tower whenever Project: DarkSeed stirs.

Will you don a mask and use your new abilities for the greater good? Will you use your new found powers for your own gain? Will you reject your calling and chose to cling to your old life? The choice is yours.

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