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Thu 20 Apr 2017
at 18:35
Gurps TL 11 non variant Interstellar Colonization
In the beginning, cold sleep and coasting speeds of 1% the speed of light were used to try and colonize nearby stars. Now, over 100 years later, those first boats still drift closer to their goals.

Then came the scandals, as the private organizations that were handling Interstellar Colonization were exposed. Not only did cold sleep still allow for aging, however slowly, making the colonists much too old when they finally arrive at their destinations, there were genetic manipulation rumors. It is possible that the first few waves of colonists are being ...altered, genetically, in theory for life extension and adaptablity.

Colonization almost ended, but the new field of Nano tech gave us NanoSleep, which really DID halt aging. Add to that the development of Ramscoops, that could harvest fuel form space in transit, and 1% light speed was no longer the limit.New Colony ships were sent out, under control of Government oversight. No more hidden secrets and lies.

And the decades passed, and Nano science grew. Now it has advanced to the point where, instead of arriving ships needing to dis-assemble into drop capsules of people and gear, to fight for survival on an alien planet, the ship itself can land, a ready made city complete with hydroponics to provide food. Empty Fuel tanks can be converted in a matter of days into apartments.

And, now, barely more than a century after Interstellar Colonization was started, the first wave of Colony City Ships are ready to launch.

One thing hasn't changed: 90% of the colonists are Lottery Winners: Young adults, approximately 20 years of age, drawn from billions of like minded, that have volunteered to see the stars and colonize a new world.

This is an advancement of a game I ran a couple of years ago, but it had some problems with a lack of viable rationales for replacement players. This will provide a ready made city of 12000 to draw from.

The game will involve exploration and survival on a new planet, the players will be Lottery Winners with basic training in field work from their year on the Saturn Colonization Training Station.
The game page can be found at link to another game
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Fri 28 Apr 2017
at 16:39
Gurps TL 11 non variant Interstellar Colonization
There is still plenty of room, if a colonization game holds any interest for you.

However, please keep in mind that this is using Gurps "realistic" rules, with no variant tech, nor supernatural or exotic abilities. Not even most cinematic skills.

I'm looking for Players willing to create a character for the game, not just looking to play their favorite Ultra Tech Character idea whether it fits or not.

Realistic rules, relatively inexperienced character, little luggage allotment, and a brave new world to explore. If this is something you'd like to try, please check out the game at link to another game
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Fri 5 May 2017
at 15:20
Gurps TL 11 non variant Interstellar Colonization

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Fri 5 May 2017
at 17:17
Gurps TL 11 non variant Interstellar Colonization
Still looking for players. We have 2 ready to go and will start when we have 4 ready to go.

This is an Ultra Tech Gurps game, using realistic science and Tech as defined by the rules. No supernatural or exotic abilities or cinematic skills. Even Cyber and bio engineering of humans are avoided for cultural reason and lack of real need.

Disadvantages are limited by the advance of medical technology and basic psychological evaluations of viable Colonists.

It is a time of relative plenty (limited resources are balanced by infinite recycling thanks to nanotech) and few jobs. Most of humanity lives in Space Stations around the solar System, and have little to do, thanks to automation and robotic workers.

Players will be the equivalent of recent high school grads, either working towards their AA in hopes of finding one of the rare jobs or in some sort of vocational training (EARLY/apprentice stages, not expert level). NOT soldiers, wilderness experts, etc. They've qualified for joining the Lottery to win a spot on this decade's Colonial Migration, and won a seat on one of the 5 ships. They are one of the 66000 out of20 billion or more System wide.

This is where the game starts, although Training will be mostly behind the scenes. The game will involve conquering a new and alien ecology and replacing it with one that can support Terran life.

Please check the link above if this idea holds any interest for you.
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Sat 13 May 2017
at 02:33
Gurps TL 11 non variant Interstellar Colonization
We have 2 players that have started, and a third player working on a character, but we could use a few more. If the idea of a game about colonizing an alien planet and terraforming it with no supplies lines or support from Home appeals to you, please check it out.
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Sat 20 May 2017
at 17:42
Gurps TL 11 non variant Interstellar Colonization
Still recruiting players for SafeTech setting, with Nanotech Revolution influences.
TL 11, colonization. No variant tech, so no supply or communication lines to home.
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Wed 31 May 2017
at 18:31
Gurps TL 11 non variant Interstellar Colonization
Still accepting players. We have 4 active and on the new world, but could use more.
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Thu 8 Jun 2017
at 02:30
Gurps TL 11 non variant Interstellar Colonization
Still recruiting. Gurps "Realistic" sci-fi rules Safetech with Nanotech revolution influences.

TL11 colonization of another planet. Slow boat style, without hope of resupply or support from home.

Applied Eco-terrorism at it's finest: Destroy that poisonous alien ecology so you can supplant it with something you like better: Farms and ranches of good old Earth life.
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Tue 27 Jun 2017
at 02:48
Gurps TL 11 non variant Interstellar Colonization
In reply to tmagann (msg # 8):

Are you accepting players?

I'm in possession of digital copy of all necessary GURPS works.

Where do I go to put a submitted character and do you have any requirements regarding the format?
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Tue 27 Jun 2017
at 03:17
Gurps TL 11 non variant Interstellar Colonization
In reply to FiggyPudding (msg # 9):

I'm accepting new players, yes. The link above will take you to the game, where you can submit an RTJ. We can discuss specifics there