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The Cloaked One
 member, 1 post
Wed 10 May 2017
at 02:26
Free-form storytelling where players create their own nation
The concept is to develop a medieval fantasy world where each player controls a nation-state. Threads will be based around characters from these nations, be they kings or peasants, questing knights or scheming nobles. It will be the player's responsibility to fully create and nourish the concept of the nation, including culture, government, history, etc.

The game will be entirely free-form, with an emphasis on creative writing and cooperation to create an interesting and complex story. Conflicts and aggression are allowed but will remain strictly in character. God moding and play-to-win behavior will have no place here.

Create characters and be prepared to let them die, when it fits the story. Come up with storylines and be prepared to have them change, when it makes sense for them to do so. You will find the amazing energy of cooperative story-telling causes your characters and best laid plans to evolve and grow in ways you never imagined.

I plan to participate with my own nation. The only inviolable rules will be rules of respect for all involved. The rest, the canon, the setting, in-game rules etc. can all be decided by way of vote from the initial group of players and as an on-going process.

After a sufficient number of players has joined & discussed the basics for how we want to play the game, requirements for a RTJ and other rules will be posted.

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The Cloaked One
 member, 2 posts
Thu 18 May 2017
at 02:18
Free-form storytelling where players create their own nation

RTJ Requirements, Rules of Play, and the World setting description are now live.

We have 9 players already interested in the game and are seeing some great player-created nations coming together. It's not too late to get in on the ground floor!

Stop in & check out this unique freeform game. Feel free to shoot me a PM for any questions you might have.
The Cloaked One
 member, 3 posts
Mon 5 Jun 2017
at 18:44
Free-form storytelling where players create their own nation
The Cloaked One
 member, 4 posts
Sat 24 Jun 2017
at 01:46
Free-form storytelling where players create their own nation
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