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 Duck! Swing!
Fri 19 May 2017
at 00:12
Ghosts of DragonSpear Castle seeking new players
Submit a request if you are interested.  I will be checking the RTJ's this weekend and respond accordingly. So far looks like we have rtj's for everything except a wizard and a rogue or two as I may run two groups..

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Sun 21 May 2017
at 02:23
Ghosts of DragonSpear Castle seeking new players
Koshen Val'dor

Basic Information

Character Name  :
 Height : 5'7
Player Name     : Cunom                     Weight :154
Character Race  : Half Elf                  Eyes   :Yellow
Alignment       : CG                        Hair   : Black
Deity           :  Tempest                  Size   :M
Total Level     : 1                         Speed  :30
Character Class Information.  Noble
Proficiency Weapons/Armor -
Armor: Light Armour, Medium Armour, Heavey Armour. Shields
Weapons:Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Bows, crossbows, Rapiers,
 Longbow, Hand Crossbow, Whip,  Polearms,swords,daggers,
darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows

Class and Level     :
  Inspiration         AC  18     Initiative 4      Speed 30

Health points           Hit dice             Proficiently
  9    /                  1d8                History, Religion, insight,
                                             Perception, intimadation, Persuasoin

      Strength  Dexterity   Constitution   Intelligence   Wisdom   Charisma
        11+0        11+0       12+1            10+0        16+3      16+3
Saving throw
Str 0 ,Dex 0, Con 1, Int 0, Wis 3, Cha 3
Attack/spell 5              Spell DC 13         Damage/type

War hammer Att+2  Dam 1d8 +0
Lt cross bow Att+2  Dam 1d8 +0

15-Passive Perception
    0 Acrobatics (dex)
    3 Animal handling (wis)
    0 Arcana (int)
    0 Athletics (str)
    3 Deception (cha)
    2 History (int)
    5 Insight (wis)
    5 Intimidation (cha)
    0 Investigation (int)
    3 Medicine (wis)
    0 Nature (int)
    5 Perception (wis)
    3 Performance (cha)
    5 Persuasion (cha)
    2 Religion (int)
    0 Sleight of hand (dex)
    0 Stealth (dex)
    3 Survival (wis)


Personality traits  comedic and clever




Features and traits

Darkvision, immune magical sleep, advantage saving vs.charm, audience with nobles

Equipment and Money

 Gold 130.  Silver 0.  Copper 0.
 Scale armor,  war hammer, sheild, light crossbow, 20 bolts.
 Explores pack .(  bed roll, Mess kit, tinderbox, 10  torches
 10 days rations, waterskiing, 50 feet hemp rope.) Holy symbol
 Fishing pole, scrolls, Ink.
 Iron and Flint, scroll of pedigree, signet ring, fine clothes

Common, Elvish, Draconic, celestial
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Mon 22 May 2017
at 08:44
Ghosts of DragonSpear Castle seeking new players
I'd be interested in either the rogue or wizard classes.  I don't see the RTJ, am I missing something?
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