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Samurai Kato
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Mon 22 May 2017
at 19:04
Safeton Seeks Adventurers
The western shores of the Sea of Gearnat have long been called the Wild Coast, for the region has been a haven for malcontents, dissidents, demi-humans, humanoids, and the outcasts of other states.  The Wild Coast remains mostly a free territory comprised of petty nobles, robber barons, guildhouse towns, freebooters, mercenaries, fishing, and forest villages.  This is a remote and isolated region.  It holds little in the way of resources or good farmland.  Its only strategic value is in assaulting the Free City of Greyhawk from the south, and choking off its trade by sea.

For nearly six years the Orcish Empire has been trying to exploit Greyhawk's weak underbelly.  The Wild Coast's towns of Fax, Badwall, and Elredd have fallen to the advancing armies of Orcs.  Those to have survived the Orcish onslaught have found refuge in the remaining towns of Narwell and Safeton.  Safeton is where the Orcish advance was halted thanks to its stalwart defenders made up of bandits, pirates, and mercenaries.  Although you won't hear Safeton's inhabitants saying it, the real thanks goes to Greyhawk who sent an army to reinforce Safeton.  Safeton's inhabitants would prefer to think it was their strong walls, built to hold back attack from Greyhawk, that saved the day.

Today the Orcs struggle to cement their hold on that half of the Wild Coast that they have overrun.  They are constantly harassed by scouts from Narwell and Safeton.  Pirates from the nearby Isle of Sudd raid Orcish settlements and take their peons as slaves.  Unofficial the alliance is between the free peoples of the Wild Coast.  Narwell, Safeton, and the Slavelords of Sudd only work together due to having a common enemy in the Orcs.

Today the truce between the coastal inhabitants and the Slavelords of Sudd ended.  Driven by greed and a desire for better quality slaves, pirates from Sudd attacked the coastal town of Safeton.  Believing the pirates from Sudd would protect them from an Orcish attack by sea, the inhabitants of Safeton failed to adequately defend their port fortifications.  The pirates breached the walls, sacked the town, and escaped with hundreds of its people taken into slavery.  Safeton has been left vulnerable to an Orcish attack.  This betrayal cannot go unanswered!  The Bandit Lord Orcco Rosso, Mayor of Safeton, has asked for brave volunteers to take vengeance upon the Slavelords of Sudd.

I am seeking from 4 to 10 brave adventurers to take vengeance upon the Slavelords. Now seeking up to 4 adventurers who are healing or fighting types. Now I have 10 accepted characters with a few more waiting in the wings.
Warning: slavery is not a pretty picture.  There will be content that is not suitable for children.  Otherwise, as a GM I enjoy a mix of roleplaying and combat.  So there will be long stretches of roleplaying with long stretches of dungeon crawling in between.

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Samurai Kato
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Mon 17 Jul 2017
at 08:08
Safeton Seeks Adventurers
I am looking for a player to take over an existing character.  She is a Rogue 1/ Warlock 3 Hexblade.

She is the only character in the party who can use Thieves Tools in a dungeon that has traps in it.  She is also the only character who knows Thieves Cant when later in the game the party needs to get information that will be conveyed in Thieves Cant.

The party has just entered the "dungeon".  They're currently trying to infiltrate a town without alerting the guards to their coming.  They're busily trying to hunt down and kill every witness.  So this wouldn't be a good time for a new character to show up.

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Mon 17 Jul 2017
at 11:04
Safeton Seeks Adventurers
In reply to Samurai Kato (msg # 1):

I'm interested but I don't know the play system.
Samurai Kato
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Fri 25 Aug 2017
at 07:31
Safeton Seeks Adventurers
A couple more of my players have gone inactive.  This time it is two of my healers, and right before the start of a major combat.  One character has already suffered two negative Conditions before the start of combat.

The first character who needs a new player is Amelia.  She is a 4th level Human Moon Druid.
The other is a Cleric of Selune named Filha.  She is a 4th level Half-elf Healing Domain Cleric.

It sure would be nice if someone could jump in really quick.  Otherwise, my players are going to start using their Healing Potions up while they're still in Act One of the campaign.
Samurai Kato
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Sun 14 Jan 2018
at 05:29
Safeton Seeks Adventurers
More player attrition has happened over the holidays.
The same two characters that were available before, Amelia and Filha, have become available again.  Plus two others are also available:
Trinket.  She is a brawler who is Barbarian 2/Monk 2.  Kind of a strange build.
Aylgrim.  He's just your basic Dwarven Cleric of the War Domain.

I've also reached a point in the game where I can jump in a couple of new characters.  But that will require writing up a full RTJ.
Samurai Kato
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Sun 8 Jul 2018
at 22:57
Safeton Seeks Adventurers
I've also reached a point in the game when the First Chapter is over, and I am about to start the Second Chapter.  The game is changing from being a Dungeon Crawl to a City Investigation.  This is the time I can most easily jump in new characters.  But that will require writing up a full RTJ.

There are already a bunch of existing Player Characters and NPCs who have been with the party at some point during the Dungeon Crawl.  Those are a Human Druid (Circle of Moon), a Dwarven Cleric (War Domain), a Half-Elf Cleric (Life Domain), a Half-Elf Sorceror (Wild Magic), a Half-Elf Rogue/Fighter (Swashbuckler), & a Barbarian/Monk.  Those 7 characters can be taken over, which would save you time from having to write up a full RTJ, make a new 4th level character, equip it by spending money, and roleplay how and why you join up with the party on their quest of righteous vengeance.  Which is to say, I've gotten enough new characters and I really want the old ones taken over.

Of the characters who're still playing I have a Bard, a Fighter, a Warlock/rogue, and a Monk.  So I don't really need any more combat types.  The 2nd Chapter is not supposed to be about kicking butt.  It's supposed to be about searching a town and asking people questions.  So what I need are investigative type characters.  So characters who didn't use Int as their dump stat and took the Investigation skill is what I need.

I also must emphasize the Adult nature of the 2nd Chapter.  The 2nd Chapter isn't your family-friendly sort of Adult game with people getting decapitated and blood spraying everywhere.  There is going to be a lot of kinky, depraved, demeaning stuff going on.  These are ideas you really don't want getting into your child's mind.  You, as a player, need to be comfortable with sexual deviancy.

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