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 member, 73 posts
Mon 19 Jun 2017
at 17:48
Needed: Beings of myth and legend
Sanctuary, New York. A medium sized city of around 55,000 residents in upstate New York. Home to, and haven for, a myriad of preternatural beings. Those who feel persecuted or even just excluded, because they are different, come to Sanctuary to make a life for themselves.


Succinct. That above in a nutshell is our game. Come to Sanctuary and play creatures of legend and mythology. Just about anything your heart might desire. The only stipulation is that through either natural or magical means your character must be able to take human form. Wouldn't be much of a Sanctuary of everyone knew what you were by just looking at you.

This is not first come/first serve. RTJ's will be carefully considered. This is also not a PvP game. Undue drama will not be tolerated, though realistic drama is just fine. Please read the rules.

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 member, 74 posts
Fri 7 Jul 2017
at 14:27
Needed: Beings of myth and legend
The game is off and running, but we could always use more mature writers. This is not first come first served and each RtJ will be looked at thoroughly.

If you're interested in playing a being or creature from myth and legend, or even a regular human living among such beings, come and check us out!

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 member, 75 posts
Fri 21 Jul 2017
at 16:30
Needed: Beings of myth and legend
Once more looking for more players.

We have had some players leave and have some room! Looking for more male players/characters!

This is a modern slice of life sort of game, concentrating on character interaction and socialization. The twist is that the character's are to be monsters or beings of legend.

At the same time this is NOT a PvP game and such things will not be tolerated. Drama is fine, violence is not.

Plots are running, but they are in the background and organized and run by the players. The GM team will not lead you by the nose. It is your job to integrate yourself into the game.

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 member, 1 post
Tue 29 Aug 2017
at 02:14
Needed: Beings of myth and legend
Looking for new citizens of Sanctuary!

Ever wanted to play a character from mythology? A humanoid creature? Or even some unknown beast that you made up and have no idea where to play them? Well look no further! Sanctuary may be the place for you!

The only rules are that your character has to be able to pass as a regular old human and they can't go out of their way to create PVP type conflict.

Just send us an RTJ and we would be happy to look it over!

Current character caps: Deities and Gods/Goddesses (demi-deities/gods/goddess are okay)
 member, 3 posts
Thu 7 Sep 2017
at 15:45
Needed: Beings of myth and legend
Still looking! :)
 member, 5 posts
Sat 30 Sep 2017
at 21:41
Needed: Beings of myth and legend
Bumping! All ideas are welcome :)
 member, 6 posts
Wed 11 Oct 2017
at 00:05
Needed: Beings of myth and legend
We just did an in game time change so there is plenty of opportunities for new characters! Feel free to apply with any concepts you might have :)
 member, 7 posts
Wed 18 Oct 2017
at 20:45
Needed: Beings of myth and legend

We have an in game event coming up with plenty of room for new players to join!

Maybe halloween coming up is giving you ideas? Feel free to apply :)
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