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 member, 12 posts
Sat 22 Jul 2017
at 02:50
When Worlds Fall
Looking for new players for a new game!

No one saw the end coming.

Social media had plagued the masses into complacency. Who needed to learn when an online search could lead you to a tutorial and a video on getting it done?

Humanity became dependent on machines to heal, to transport and to tell them how to think and at. It was surprising that no one had seen it coming, but then again, humanity had been warned it was the end of the world one too many times.

This time it was true.

No one knew what caused the first solar flare, but it had caused wide-spread panic. Countries mobilized, fearing attack. Citizens hid in their homes and churches. The second flare wiped out the electricity, and the world went dark. The third blazing rainbow of light in the skies was the most damaging, as it cut through the ozone layer, leaving all life below exposed to harmful radiation.

That's when everyone started dying.


It was the golden age for supernatural creatures. No one thought they were real. When the unexplained did occur, it was easier to cover it up in a world that did not know the name of their neighbor two doors down the street, let alone care. The freedom to do what you wanted, when you wanted, led to open debauchery and the things that went bump in the night were reclassified as fetish.

When the end came, it was they that were harmed the most by humanities loss.

Vampires and Fae had no more prey. Shifters had no humans to take as mates. Mages could no longer form their triumvirates. They were the unexpected saviors of humanity, uniting for a singular cause; To open the veil between Earth and Umbra - the World beyond.

In Umbra they found salvation. The Fae had been walking the divide for eons, the first to traverse the paths between. When they had come, others had followed. Shifters found new hope and salvation. Vampires a renewed purpose to existence.  The magic of this world was a potent battery, feeding back into their own. With Earth burning, the Mages called the Fae to open the paths, and the exodus began.

First it was those that knew the world beyond. But as humanity began to die, unable to survive the sun, they started to be stolen away in the night. Families, towns and cities were swallowed by those trying to save them.

Now they must move on and survive. But can humanity adapt?

This is a free-form style RP game. It is bright and shiny and new, looking for all types of players to help get it started and the world going.

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 member, 13 posts
Wed 2 Aug 2017
at 01:55
New Game - When Worlds Fall
Sandbox Freeform game

World building is done, looking for players. All roles are open, from running the sanctum to mere humans in the streets.
 member, 14 posts
Fri 11 Aug 2017
at 03:47
New Game - When Worlds Fall
Still looking for new players :)
Kane Engle
 member, 1 post
Fri 11 Aug 2017
at 05:58
New Game - When Worlds Fall
i wish to join
 member, 2 posts
Fri 11 Aug 2017
at 12:49
New Game - When Worlds Fall
Join us, it's going to be a great game!
 member, 15 posts
Sat 19 Aug 2017
at 14:11
New Game - When Worlds Fall
Looking for new players. Have some fae trickling in. Could use a few that want to play darker creatures and we also need humans.  :)
 member, 16 posts
Mon 21 Aug 2017
at 00:03
New Game - When Worlds Fall
Looking for all races, especially humans!
Tough Ghost
 member, 1 post
Tue 22 Aug 2017
at 04:37
New Game - When Worlds Fall
In reply to traixen (msg # 7):

Hello! I recently joined this forum and I'm just getting used to it. Are you okay with me joining this game despite being a beginner?
 member, 4 posts
Wed 23 Aug 2017
at 05:06
New Game - When Worlds Fall
It's a great game, so far. I recommend joining. :)
 member, 17 posts
Wed 30 Aug 2017
at 16:13
New Game - When Worlds Fall
Still looking for humans and a dark fae/vampire/mage or two to play with our resident daemon. :)
 member, 18 posts
Thu 31 Aug 2017
at 15:39
New Game - When Worlds Fall
Mages are temporarily Not Available for RTJ until we have more race balance. Still need humans/shifters/vampires and fae
 member, 19 posts
Thu 21 Sep 2017
at 22:13
New Game - When Worlds Fall
 member, 1 post
Fri 22 Sep 2017
at 02:58
When Worlds Fall
In reply to traixen (msg # 1):

I am interested, but just not sure what to be, but thinking about human at the moment.
 member, 1 post
Fri 22 Sep 2017
at 15:03
New Game - When Worlds Fall

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 member, 20 posts
Mon 2 Oct 2017
at 01:35
New Game - When Worlds Fall
Always need humans :)

I don't check this thread often (once a week or so) so if you have any questions PM me in the game.
 member, 21 posts
Wed 18 Oct 2017
at 16:59
New Game - When Worlds Fall


We're picking up and growing quickly!

I currently have a GM that is an assistant to keep my head on straight and the threads going as far as making sure our RtJs and thread requests are met.

I'm looking for a second co-GM to help me progress the stories and run NPCs. My life is picking up at work in the busy sort of way and I'd like to help avoid the minor lulls.

We're also looking for someone interested in playing our main villian. If you are interested in the job your character must have the following qualifications:

1) Must be a fae race
2) Must be able to be outwardly charasmatic and unassumingly behind our human disappearances
3) Must submit a writing sample with your RtJ so I can see if your baddie will fit in with us.

I do not check this thread often, so send me an rMail or a PM in the game link if you have any questions.

We're also still looking for other playable races. :) Especially humans
 member, 22 posts
Fri 20 Oct 2017
at 23:07
New Game - When Worlds Fall
 We have our GM and villain found! At this time, all races are playable once more :)
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