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 The Hiding Amaranth...
Fri 28 Jul 2017
at 12:48
Werewolves of the Scottish Aristocracy - WW1 Period (Adult)
Latest News 14 Feb 2018: Currently seeking serving staff for Wolfward Manor

The family are all taken care of, although Lord Alfred himself is able to be taken over if someone would like that.

However, we certainly could use more house servants. We have a chef, Lord Alfred's valet, Lady Lyall's lady's maid, and the groundskeeper. With events that are about to unfold (Hush-Hush - It's a secret!), the house is going to be rather busy very shortly and the existing staff will need all the help that they can get!


Wolfward Manor, a Scottish estate, has been inhabited by the McKinley family for hundreds of years.

It is the beginning of 1915, and war has taken over the lands of Europe and Britain. At the outbreak of the war, Lord Richard McKinley, the heir to the Earldom of Wolfward, to join the Royal Flying Corps. Gone now for six months, word of the latest from the front is a continual topic among both the family left behind and the servants of the manor.

Then, in the cold of winter of January 1915, word arrived. Lord Richard's aeroplane was shot down over enemy lines. His whereabouts are currently unknown, and he is missing, presumed dead.

Wolfward Manor is the story of the McKinley family following the wake of this news arriving at the house.

Oh... And the McKinleys are werewolves.


This is primarily a player-driven game, that will involve strong writing skills, character development and the initiative to take the story into your own hands. The overarching plot, of course, will be managed at a GM level, including various visiting aristocrats and others, but it is expected that players will have the confidence and creativity to forge their own stories as well.

Please check the RTJ thread in game for more details.

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 The Hiding Amaranth...
Sat 5 Aug 2017
at 01:18
Werewolves of the Scottish Aristocracy - WW1 Period (Adult)
We're just getting started into the actual gameplay. Currently have vacancies for Lady Elizabeth and Lady Angela McKinley, as well as house serving staff.

Other characters are welcome, but would obviously need some connection to the McKinleys to fit into the main storyline.

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 The Hiding Amaranth...
Mon 14 Aug 2017
at 10:35
Werewolves of the Scottish Aristocracy - WW1 Period (Adult)
Ah. I remember the days when you had to scroll, like, fifteen or more pages to find your ad for bumping. Now it's three.

The McKinley family have been informed that Lord Richard, eldest son and brother, has been shot down behind enemy lines, and is missing. Lady Winifred, cousin and ward of Lord and Lady McKinley, is currently using her own powers of witchcraft to attempt a form of scrying, in an attempt to locate her cousin.

What's your reason for visiting or being at Wolfward Manor this fine winter's morning in 1916?
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Fri 6 Oct 2017
at 16:13
Werewolves of the Scottish Aristocracy - WW1 Period (Adult)
We are expanding. More servants are welcome but so are residents of the town. We are accepting humans and supernaturals that may fit the setting. Stop by and take a look at the setting information and the RTJ threads. Click the request access link in the game if you're interested of if you have any questions.
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Sat 14 Oct 2017
at 13:37
Werewolves of the Scottish Aristocracy - WW1 Period (Adult)
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Tue 24 Oct 2017
at 22:06
Werewolves of the Scottish Aristocracy - WW1 Period (Adult)
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 The Hiding Amaranth...
Wed 3 Jan 2018
at 07:21
Werewolves of the Scottish Aristocracy - WW1 Period (Adult)
It has now been just over two weeks since Lord Richard McKinley, eldest son of Wolfward Earl, Lord Alfred, was reported missing after his aeroplane was shot down behind enemy lines. In that time, the war itself has reached British shores, with news of bombing raids in the South East of England from German airships.

In spite of cousin Fred's scrying efforts, the McKinley's have been unable to determine the status of Richard's welfare - a sign that does not bode well, but is not completely bad news either, as she should have been able to find him, even if he was dead.

We have opened up the town, so are looking for general townsfolk. The story of Lord Richard's disappearance has dominated the town gossip since it leaked into the community.

Magical abilities or quirks are possible, but mostly we're looking at humans. This isn't a refuge town for supernaturals, so we're looking for a good reason for your character to have any magical ability or connection to the supernatural.

Pop over to the game, and have a read of our RTJ thread and information!
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 The Hiding Amaranth...
Tue 13 Feb 2018
at 22:27
Werewolves of the Scottish Aristocracy - WW1 Period (Adult)
Bump! See original post for the current information.
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Fri 16 Feb 2018
at 02:11
Werewolves of the Scottish Aristocracy - WW1 Period (Adult)
Join us! We have a tight-knit group of players who are, one and all, fantastic writers in a game that is very story-driven.

Plus the family are bloody werewolves!
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Sat 17 Mar 2018
at 07:53
Werewolves of the Scottish Aristocracy - WW1 Period (Adult)

We need you! Dare you be a member of the McKinley family who bear a dark secret? A household servant or one of the townsfolk?

Either way join us in this intriguing game with a tight-knit group of players who have become friends out of game.

The family are Werewolves but we have a Witch who is our cousin and other things are possible with GM approval.

Join us and explore the lovely lands of Kilmanock, East Ayrshire, and other places of wonder during the War to End All Wars.
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Wed 4 Apr 2018
at 23:55
WW1 Supernatural Drama (Adult) - Now under new management
Scotland, April 1916.

It is a dark time for the McKinley family, one of Scotland's oldest noble families, and the heirs of a sinister, savage inheritance.

Their eldest son, Richard, is lost in France, shot down by the Kaiser's men over the trenches of the Western Front.

From the east, the whispers of revolution begin to murmur, and the winds of change are beginning to gather speed across the continent.

Closer to home, Lord Alfred looks to safeguard his estate against an ever-changing world, and provide a good future for his children.

And somewhere, someone is plotting against them.

Key Information

Wolfward Manor is an Adult freeform fantasy game set in wartime Scotland. Combining elements of both supernatural and human drama, the game offers a rich backdrop for players to explore this fascinating period and the characters who lived in it.

After a brief transitional period, the game is gearing up to begin its first large story arc, and we're always looking to welcome new players who are interested in getting involved. Whether you're the local vicar, an exile from Russia looking for shelter or a penniless poet looking for love, look no further than Wolfward Manor!
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Sat 14 Apr 2018
at 21:48
WW1 Supernatural Drama (Adult) - Now under new management
Still looking for new players - we are rather lacking eligible (or indeed ineligible) gentlemen to accompany and spark off our rather excellent cast of female characters, but all characters are welcome!
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Sun 22 Apr 2018
at 22:56
WW1 Supernatural Drama (Adult) - Now under new management
Still looking for new players as we time-jump forward to enjoy dinner, dissent and duggery of the skull variety.

Also accepting lurkers if players want to have a look before they get more closely involved.
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Sun 29 Apr 2018
at 10:25
WW1 Supernatural Drama (Adult) - Now under new management
Still accepting new players!
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Mon 30 Apr 2018
at 23:50
WW1 Supernatural Drama (Adult) - Now under new management
Time has jumped forward but there's still an opportunity for new characters to get involved in the plot! As such, we are still accepting new players and lurkers!
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