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Sorry, better luck next time.
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Thu 10 Aug 2017
at 06:35
Prologue to Adventure
Hundredes of years ago the High Elves arrived in the Eternal forest, fleeing an unnamed foe through dimensional portals. The openings scarred and marked those unfortunate enough to be nearby when they opened. And to the dismay of high elves, instead of closing completely, they left behind rifts bleeding magic into the until then peaceful forest.

An uneasy truce was struck between two elven factions, the natives forgiving transgression and offering shelter to the high elves, which in turn promised to find a way to heal the wounds their arrival left. Those wood elves that survived exposure to the opening of portals were changed, their complexions paled, senses dulled and bodies resisted further intrusions. A shadow to their former kin and a reminder to the high elves of their thoughtlessness, grey elves were barely tolerated and often shunned.

Apart from learning to make Rift rings, the high elves are still no closer to understanding the nature of scars they have inflicted on the land. In the meantime, humans have arrived at Arge, establishing a complete kingdom and they made a mark of their own. Matron Elirdis Aur'aver, unhappy with how the major noble houses were conducting their research of rifts has gathered resources and founded Averon, welcoming any newcomer to the settlement.

Were you in the town since its founding, or did you hear about it and decided to make your way there? Perhaps you stumbled upon Averon by accident but decided to stay or were you born in it? Either way, it is the beginning of your Road to Power.

Hello all, as the name of the thread and game say, this is a game envisioned as a preparation for something bigger. You will all be elves living in/around Averon, and interacting with each other, either just socially or by having adventures together.

The idea is two fold. First, to see which group(s) form through interactions, as I'd like to have both players and characters that work well together (you don't need to be BFFs, I'm looking for interesting character dynamics and people with compatible posting rates/styles).

Second, you'll start at 1st level, and over the course of the game reach 3rd or 4th. This progression will be accelerated, and we'll play out only major events (either on character or town level). The plan is to have it finished by the end of the year 2017 (given my track records of assessments, take this with a grain of salt). This will take close to a hundred years of in-game times, but as you're elves it shouldn't be a problem.

What then? We'll have a bunch of characters and a setting that we're all familiar with, as well as a group or two that work well together. And that will be just in time (in-game) for some interesting things to start occurring. I'll take whoever is interested on the next part of your adventures.
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Fri 8 Sep 2017
at 05:21
Prologue to Adventure
We're going through the first set of scenes but have lost a player (maybe two). As I like all the concepts and characters are still malleable, I wouldn't mind finding replacement players.

Please look over the game premise and public information, and let me know if you are interested. Currently available:
Malvic Heasiarnith
  - High Elf Arcane Smith (actual class is discussable)
  - See [Info] The world thread for some detail on his family

  - Wood Elf socially challenged and competitive Ranger
  - Call to Averon came at the time when she was looking for a change in her life

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Sat 14 Oct 2017
at 07:46
Prologue to Adventure
We're near the end of first part, but it seemes Jathal has hard time finding a player. I'll give it another try, see above and let me know if you're interested.

In mean time she proved competent (if not a people person) enough to be appointed leader of the few scouts in training.
And her friendship with Daera is developing.