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Tue 5 Sep 2017
at 01:08
Welcome to Cidervale: Multiple World- Small Town
The town of Cidervale, USA.  Quiet, orderly, a quaint town where nothing out of the ordinary seems to happen- except when it does.  A Dragon appeared on Main Street out of thin air.  After destroying several shops and part of the park, it flew off to parts unknown.  This game begins one year and a half after the "Dragon incident."

Due to a quirk in the space-time continuum, the town of Cidervale regularly is subject to doorways into pocket universes.  Some are exciting and adventurous places where the residents can experience the old west, fantasy realms, ancient cultures long extinct on earth, or the future.  But... some portals are dangerous and let loose creatures that must be contained, destroyed, or returned to their home reality.  It is up to the residents to explore and determine whether the portal should be left open or closed.

Would you like to play a Government Agent, an Otherworlder, or an Ordinary Citizen?

Otherworlders can be fantasy or historical figures.  All figures must exist in the world in human form or run the risk of being trapped and contained by the government agents.  (Thus it is a rule- If you are playing this game, your character must have a general human form- despite what regular form you can morph into underneath.) Current portals are: Western Themed, Fantasy Themed, and and Alien Planet- though portals have opened in the past with visitors and refugees.  Talk to the GM about your ideas.

Government Agents of WOPA (World One Protection Agency) have been sent to Cidervale in order to contain the more dangerous otherworldly elements that erupt into the city from time to time.  They are organized into teams by the Director to explore the new universes that open to determine whether they should be closed or allowed to remain open for recreational use.

Ordinary citizens are regular humans, with potentially impressive traits picked up from being tossed into the worlds as they open.  Without the protective devices created by the government these worlds ordinary citizens can be gifted with anything from super speed to telepathy, invisibility to the ability to spontaneously create flame or ice.

The game will begin as the first few portals have been found and WOPA has sent in their agents to contain the situation.  A few Otherworlders have begun to integrate into the society and the ordinary citizens are aware that things are weird but not necessarily dangerous.

This game will be largely Free-Form- While I, as the GM, will control the opening of the portals and where they lead, cast members will be encouraged to explore their own plot lines within the worlds that I provide or in Cedarvale so, if you want to go to a bar in the old west, explore an Incan temple, or find out what Atlantis would be like if it still existed today, you will have the opportunity.

Note: In order to control the game size, from time to time the portals will close in order to make room for new portals.  (A portal will never close if it is occupied.) Portals may also randomly open sweeping characters into them.  It will be up to the characters to find their way back, and/or explore the world.

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Tue 12 Sep 2017
at 12:05
Welcome to Cidervale: Multiple World- Small Town
Still looking for:

WOPA Agents
Citizens of Cidervale
Outlanders and Aliens
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Sat 23 Sep 2017
at 21:50
Welcome to Cidervale: Multiple World- Small Town
Looking for WOPA agents and Citizens.
Willing to consider Aliens and Outlanders that have already settled in Cidervale.