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Tue 12 Sep 2017
at 16:53
Looking for all kinds, no idea too crazy
A project in New York City was meant to create a White Hole, a source of unending and clean energy. Instead the world was saturated in unknown powers, while being from other realities began appearing in NYC.

There are four groups interested in the happenings of our world, all of which offer different pros and cons but each agree that those that stumble into our Universe, these Strangers, stand the best chance of dealing with it.

We're open to any character idea you can come up with, from flying nuns to living statues; if there's anyway at all we can make it fit, we will. We use a die system, but we'll help you figure it out so don't let that stop you from dropping by if you're interested. Investigate strange places, battle anything from sirens to ghosts, find magic or cursed objects, delve into the White Rabbit Hole and see where it takes you!
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Thu 14 Sep 2017
at 01:22
Looking for all kinds, no idea too crazy
Scooby Do investigating the mastery of the horrible teenage mutant tella tubies?