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Tue 12 Sep 2017
at 22:00
Community of Monsters
"Execution was a day away.

You were a prisoner at a Selenkor (your empire) dungeon. Desperate, with your fate already decided, you and the other forty nine people in your cell block knew you had to do the impossible: break out of a prison. There were guards, yes, stronger, better equipped, better fed than you but you had that kind of crazy determination of those who had nothing else to lose.

Only you and nine others made it out alive.

After that you needed to get away from Selenkor; the long journey to freedom commenced. You changed your appearance, walked all day, stayed where you could at night - motels if you had managed to steal some money, parks if you hadn't - and finally made it out of the Selenkor empire to the wilderness beyond.

It was unconquered territory. It was a fresh start. It was freedom from the society that had jailed you. It was distance too: for here Selenkor would never find you. You could build a new community here, in the wilderness.

But things are not so easy.

How can you cooperate with a group of murderers and thieves? How can you survive? Can you truly build a place where you can exist happily?

For there are dangers. People inside the group plotting to kill you, and people - people you never knew existed before - outside trying to kill you.

Didn't you know?

There's a reason this land was left unconquered."


Welcome to Community of Monsters. This is a game where you and a group of convicts attempt to cooperate and build a community. There will be drama between you and members of the group, magical items found, fights between you and other groups, voting, decisions - there's a lot of potential.

The main RP times will be on the weekend. I'm looking for interesting characters and flexible players. There are no stats and it should be easy to get into the game :D .

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Sat 23 Sep 2017
at 19:53
Community of Monsters
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