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Wed 13 Sep 2017
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Meikyuu Kingdom: The Rise of Ascendant Invincible Land
Okay, see if you can follow me, here. Two-thousand-ish years ago, the world was your standard anime high-fantasy setting. Presumably, anyway. Not much record actually survives of it, because of a global cataclysm of unknown origin that turned everyplace into monster-infested dungeons overnight. Earth, sea, sky, literally everything : literally dungeons. Yeah, "verisimilitude" pretty much isn't a word here. Anyway, humanity was almost driven extinct by the ensuing chaos, but the cataclysm also brought out the Landmakers among the people: superhuman adventurer-kings with the strength of arms to drive back the monsters and the force of will to impose order back onto the dungeons. The present-day world is still largely a deadly, anarchic place, but thanks to the Landmakers, enough patches of civilization exist to create a sort of overall normalcy.

You are a part of the Landmakers, and you have found yourself in control of a kingdom by the name of Ascendant Invincible Land. Yeah, it's a little bit of an ambitious name, so it falls to you to keep both the monsters and other kingdoms from murdering your people, explore the "Million Dungeons", make Ascendant Invincible Land grow, and somehow make it so that your Oracle isn't killed because of his crimes in a nearby kingdom.

Yep, it's going to be a long day.


Welcome to Meikyuu Kingdom: The Rise of Ascendant Invincible Land, a game using the Meikyuu Kingdom system. I'm looking for a few active players to fill out the party, but don't worry about jumping into established relationships. You'll be joining in before the first adventure, so you will be joining in a fresh party, bright eyed and unaware of just how horrible the Million Dungeons can be.

So, Landmakers without a Kingdom, come! Adventure awaits! (Knowledge of the rules not required, you'll learn quickly.)

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