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Sun 1 Oct 2017
at 06:00
AFF: The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor introduction
This game is a tribute to Dave Arneson for his birthday, i.e. the Dave Arneson Game Day, the 1st of October, and an introduction to his fantasy world for those who don't know him.

You all come from a remote farming village in the Northern Downs called Chalice, from the shape of the verdant valley surrounding it. You all grew up together, as the village is small and you have all the same age.
In Chalice there is a tradition linked to passing into adulthood: all able-bodied youngsters that reached the right age, after completing all Summer works in the farms, after a Feast, are sent out of the village in search of adventure.
Some of them will never come back, some other will come back in few weeks with funny or scary stories to tell, some other will come back years later with treasure, magic weapons and maybe even a spouse or a broytherly friend from a distant land (that's why in Chalice you can encounter a bit all the races).

The first point of call for all the novice adventurers from Chalice is nothing less than the famous ComeBack Inn, in the City of Blackmoor, the place where all adventures start from. Blackmoor is not too far from Chalice and the road is easy to follow.
There is a tacit agreement between adventurers not to tell novices what to expect in this fabled place.

For decades, the infamous ComeBack Inn has been a haven to adventurers. It is rumored that all true Blackmoorian adventurers discover themselves within its strange and mysterious walls.
Though none speak of it openly, it is rumored that adventure is but a few steps away. What will you find within the ComeBack Inn?

This adventure is suitable for three to six characters.

Posting frequency is of at least one post a day and the game won't stop waiting for all players to submit their posts, unless they will communicate in advance occasional delays in posting.

This game follows a simplified Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e ruleset. Players really need just the Quickstart Guide, that can be freely downloaded here:

Apart from a simplified (i.e. quicker) character generation ruleset, there is one main house rule: while melee attacks require opposed rolls (as per standard ruleset), ranged attacks require rolls against a standard target (that is always 15), after adding or subtracting the relevant bomuses or penalties.

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Sun 1 Oct 2017
at 15:20
AFF: The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor introduction
In reply to Yaztromo (msg # 1):

Sounds very apppropriate for a day like this! :)

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Fri 13 Oct 2017
at 00:39
AFF: The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor introduction
If you are quick enough, there is still time to join this game :)

EDIT: if you request to join right now, you won't be able to play straight away, but only at the end of the episode, probably sometimes around mid-November.

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