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Sun 1 Oct 2017
at 06:00
The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor campaign (AFF)
All started on the 1st of October 2017 as a quick, introductory one-off game, as a tribute to Dave Arneson for his birthday (i.e. the Dave Arneson Game Day) and an introduction to his fantasy world for those who don't know him.

However, things developed (unexpectedly!) in such a way that I decided to turn this game from a quick, introductory one-off into a full Blackmoor campaign (see below).

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Sun 1 Oct 2017
at 15:20
AFF: The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor introduction
In reply to Yaztromo (msg # 1):

Sounds very apppropriate for a day like this! :)

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Fri 13 Oct 2017
at 00:39
AFF: The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor introduction

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Fri 1 Dec 2017
at 02:14
AFF: The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor campaign
In Blackmoorís long and troubled history, many would-be heroes have quested to find the power and riches long rumored buried in the harsh, cold north. Innumerable stories tell of these great adventurersí bravery, heroism and skill. Despite their best efforts, however, Blackmoor remains a troubled land. Monsters roam unchecked, terrorizing the innocent, and enemy armies advance on all borders.
More young adventurers have to become strong enough to protect their homeland.
The Kingdom of Blackmoor once again will call on its protectors to save it from complete domination. Will you be ready to answer the call? Can you find the strength to help heal the wounds of a weary land?

The future of the Kingdom is in your hands.

* * *

This is a Dave Arneson's Blackmoor campaign run with Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2e ruleset (Advanced Fighting Fantasy Quickstart Guide is freely available here: ).
This campaign is made of independent one-off adventures and each of them can be completed in a short timeframe (weeks rather than years as often happens). Each adventure will be managed by using a different group. There is no obligation to play all adventures in a specific order, although there may be some "restricted" adventure where only more expert adventurers are allowed or where at least some of the adventurers must have completed a previous, connected game.
Adventures will usually start with three to five characters (exceptions will be flagged accordingly). Some specific adventure may be run more than once, for different groups. Multiple adventures may be run at the same time, occasionally.

As a player, you can RTJ the general campaign and create one or more characters, then each character will be able to join one or another adventure (group) and develop, using carefully the experience points earnt while adventuring (if somehow they manage to survive, of course).
A player can normally have only one character in a specific adventure and can't play it with another character if it is run again (there may be exceptions).

All adventurers taking part to this campaign are young and good-willing, often looking forwad to become Heroes of Blckmoor like the Great Svenny. The Blackmoor campaign is in general not suitable for "pure evil" characters, although "cheeky rascals" and "black sheeps with a golden heart" can come along with no problem.
However, on some particular occasion (to be flagged) there will be the chance of playing a "baddie" in strict collaboration with the Director, in the purest Blackmoor tradition.

If you played another Blackmoor game with another GM, perhaps using another ruleset in another place (whether on line or tabletop) and you would like to hang on to your character, well, reach out to me and we will find a way to adapt your character to this campaign!
My aim here is just to celebrate Dave Arneson and his creation.

* * *

If you want to join the campaign (i.e. group 0), I will ask you only to pick a "player" name (of course, if you already decided which character name you want, you can go directly for that). You will have no other particular obligation.
However, if you want to join a specific adventure (i.e. a specific group requiring characters, see the end of this thread), you will have to create a character (with a character name) and, above all, to agree to the following two requirements:

1) At least one post a day. If you have occasional issues with this, I expect you give me a notice. I can understand that unexpected issues can sometimes happen, but if you can't keep up with this pace I will not wait for your posts and in the short term I will manage your character to avoid breaking the flow of the adventure. If over ten days pass without notice, I will remove you from the game.

2) I need your committment to participate until the end of the adveture you join. It is a single adventure and won't take years to finish, but rather weeks or months at most.
If anyway you want to drop out, don't disappear but let me know. I will appreciate it.
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Fri 1 Dec 2017
at 02:18
Current adventures situation
Please note that further groups/games may be opened depending on how the games develop and on free characters' actions.
Do NOT think that the options below are the only options available (we have a hundred, catering for all tastes and level), they are just the ones that seem more logic and suitable to me at this moment in time, so feel free to approach me if you are thinking about some kind of exotic kind challengs in particular. Usually each adventure is for three to five adventurers, but occasionally I may make exceptions.

The ComeBack Inn Group 1, status: complete this game could be run again for a group of novice adventurers (0XP) without impacting seriously any other plot.
For decades, the infamous ComeBack Inn has been a haven to adventurers. It is rumored that all true Blackmoorian adventurers discover themselves within its strange and mysterious walls.
Though none speak of it openly, it is rumored that adventure is but a few steps away. What will you find within the ComeBack Inn?

This is an introductory adventure for novices.
Characters involved: Drohkil Driknik, Moondale, Atra. No more characters requested.
In game dates: from 24 Dumimia 1030 (Autumn's Equinox) to 03 Eaiwe 1030

* * *

A night out under the stars Group 2, status: to be started
Problems arise for a small town on the edge of the Redwoods. Are you big enough to help the little people in need? Especially, when the request comes from the tavern keeper whose Inn you woke up in. But weren't you just camping out under the stars last night?

This is an adventure for inexperienced characters going to Jackport.
Characters involved: none

* * *

Redwood distractions Group 3, status: to be started
The southern border of the Redwood has again become infested with orcs. The elves have dispatched hunting parties to drive them off, but with no success. A dark shadow is falling over the woods.

This is an adventure for inexperienced characters going to Jackport or anyway passing by the Elf Road.
Characters involved: none

* * *

Ties that bind Group A, status: starting
You have been cordially invited to meet with Simmone Walcrest, high lady of the Walcrest family, to discuss a beneficial monetary proposition. Bodyguards are needed for a diplomatic mission to Bramwald.

This is an adventure for inexperienced characters in Newgate.
Characters involved: Grumdar, Rubrik the dwarf, Drohkil Driknik, Moondale, Raikos Valdeni (no more places available)
In game dates: from 04 Eaiwe to 13 Eaiwe 1030

* * *

The Confectionary King Group B, status: to be started
Who can take your children and parade about the streets; slave them in his factory and leave nothing but some sweets?

This is an adventure for characters not far from Jockport.
Characters involved: none

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Fri 8 Dec 2017
at 04:29
The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor campaign (AFF)
I added the The Comfectionary King adventure as an open possibility to join.
This is a really fun adventure that would be perfect around Christmas time.

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Tue 12 Dec 2017
at 02:26
The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor campaign (AFF)

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Fri 15 Dec 2017
at 04:34
The ComeBack Inn, a Blackmoor campaign (AFF)
If you can RTJ and literally create a character in few hours (with Advanced fighting Fantasy is actually possible), you still have a chance of joining Ties that bind, otherwise you can take your time and wait for another adventure to start, once enough characters will be interested in it.
Ties that bind is now full, but you can always go for some other adventure.

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