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 member, 42 posts
Thu 12 Oct 2017
at 01:00
The World beyond Imagining!
THis will be a mature setting and I am looking for more laid back players as I am a bit newer to Gming.

Our setting is the early 1930's With the prohibition still lingering a little longer due to increased interest from the mob and mass payoffs, and brutality.OUr characters are spread out over Europe feeling the unease of the soon to be ww2, Though they nazis haven't made there defining move yet, secret societies and mad scientist are at work behind the scenes.Eventually, Europe starts feeling the intensity of power outages and missing persons.Whole families vanishing in the night and men in black attire popping up later at the scenes refusing to answer any questions and threatening anyone who dares to ask what may be happening.What's going on why are people vanishing and who will be next, but most terrifying what can it mean? has some nutter lost his marbles and just started snatching people, could it be a serial killer, aliens or worse?

FInd out when you join the gameplay as a doctor, scientist perhaps a detective, better yet why not an adventurer or any of several strange and alluring creatures of the night!"

Our game will be mature setting
 I am using the'Ubiquity'. HEX system

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