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 member, 33 posts
Wed 25 Oct 2017
at 18:36
Mass Effect D20 Modern Game
Welcome to Mass Effect D20, this adventure is starting off at a point between Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 where in my universe Sheredon destroyed the facility and pissed off the Illusive Man.

It's been a few weeks after the events of Mass Effect 2 and your group is working as part of special forces team put together on Omega on behalf of Cerberus.  Working with Aria's blessing you were tasked with aiding in the capture or death of Paul Grayson.  Neither of those objectives went as planned for your group, and now your fucked...

Your leader, a human operative working for Cerberus, has lost all contact with the Illusive Man and word on the street is that Aria is pissed that her revenge plot had failed and seeks to hold Cerberus responsible for that failure.

For you and your cohorts its a simple matter of survival in the deepest darkest corners of Omega.  Your reputation is gone, not that working for Cerberus had garnered you many friends among the rest of the alien population.  Its time to claw, beg, steal, or whatever it takes to get back in someone's... anyone's good graces and survive the violent repercussions of your failed mission.

Its sink or swim time boys and girls.  War is coming, but in your little corner of hell its already at your doorstep trying to take you out.


Looking for 4 - 7 players currently.

Minimum Requirements to join.

18 or older

In character posts should be no less then 1 paragraph in length.  One liners will not be acceptable.

5th Level D20 Modern / Mass Effect D20 Rules
4d4+4 re-roll the 1s

Please don't roll up a human character, they are boring.  If you need to make a human make it worth my time to read what you got to offer.

Please no back stories involving dead relatives or other BS hard knock life stories.  Seriously if your childhood was that screwed up then your best bet is the play an NPC junkie or something...  which I can arrange if you like just posting stuff and not gaining levels or having any kind of character development.  We call those folks co gm's or whatever I decide to call them. :)

Please no anti-social characters, I'm not running 4 - 7 one on one sessions.  The less I have to post and the more you interact with each other, the happier I am i.e. more xp in the end :P

General guidelines for my games:

I tend to post regularly and expect the same from my players.  I'm also married, have a full time job, and kids.  They come first so always take any delays on my part with a grain of salt and I will be sure to do the same for you.

I don't have any rules on how often you post, just know that if your gone to long without contact I reserve the right to NPC your character and replace you as needed.

Rules are meant to be broken, by me, not by you, and not argued to death.  Go to law school if you want to argue that sort of thing.   If I screw up feel free to call me out on my mistakes in OOC or Private as needed.

If I screw up and I own it, then STFU and move on.

That's pretty much all I got.  Send me your character idea and an example of your writing and we'll go from there.

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 member, 34 posts
Wed 8 Nov 2017
at 19:49
Mass Effect D20 Modern Game
 member, 35 posts
Thu 16 Nov 2017
at 19:17
Mass Effect D20 Modern Game
So still looking to fill some spots.

More specifically a quarian machinist, turian agent, krogan melee specialist, or something like an asari, human, or volus that can focus on biotics/tech/sniping. Any combination of the above will work. Two or three are preferable numbers.

Things are underway but were in a good position to get you into the group quickly.

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 member, 36 posts
Thu 23 Nov 2017
at 17:39
Mass Effect D20 Modern Game
Bump.  Come on folks news at least 4 more peeps
 member, 37 posts
Thu 30 Nov 2017
at 18:21
Mass Effect D20 Modern Game
Still looking for more players.  We have 4 currently and I'd like 4 more regular players if possible.
 member, 38 posts
Sat 9 Dec 2017
at 13:34
Mass Effect D20 Modern Game
Currently no longer in need of Asari Biotics.

Interested in filling tech/machinest/sniping/melee roles.

There has been concern over what rules we are using.  I am allowing the following:

D20 Modern SRD as well as other D20 Modern books on a case by case basis.
 member, 39 posts
Sun 14 Jan 2018
at 01:05
Mass Effect D20 Modern Game
 member, 40 posts
Thu 19 Apr 2018
at 16:29
Mass Effect D20 Modern Game
Looking to revive this game with hopefully two or three players :)
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