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Thu 30 Nov 2017
at 02:54
Looking for newbies
Attention fellow gaming aficionados!

It seems that there are new players showing up to try their hand at gaming on almost a daily basis, and this site does a very good job introducing the hobby with the NPSG's offered. However, even for those that have an opportunity to play in one of these games, taking the next step and joining a full game can feel a little frightening. Add to that the challenge faced by our DM's when recruiting for a game, DMs may be hesitant to accept newbies since they're an unknown quantity Ė ďWill they stick around? Will they be good players? How much am I going to have to help them understand the forum and/or game system in order for them to keep up?Ē I'd like to help you get your foot in the door!

A little about me first. I've been gaming off and on for many many years. I currently run a 5e campaign through another site, but it doesn't feel like enough. I want to get more gaming in, but time is short, so PbP is usually my pergect answer. I've been using this style for years (mostly on other sites), and find it to be a wonderful way to play with friends and express myself in a safe environment. I also have a passion for teaching, and want to help others enjoy this hobby as much as I.

Here's what I want to do. I'd like to take a group of new players through their first game. Iím looking for a small handful of players who meet at least one of the following criteria. Preference will be given to players who meet one or more of the criteria, and to players who meet criteria closer to the top of the list:

-New to RPGs in general
-New to Dungeons & Dragons / d20 style RPGs
-New to 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons
-New to Play-by-Post format
-New to rpgcrossing

I envision a small group (2-4 players) and I'll run you through a relatively short adventure. This will give you a chance to learn the ropes, so that when you go to join your next game, youíll be more prepared.

Please note, this game will NOT be an ongoing campaign for the players, just a short one-off adventure. When itís done, itís done, and I'll go searching for another group of players.

I plan on using something from the list of One Page Dungeons to keep it focused. We'll only use the D&D5e Basic Rules ( available as a free download. This should keep it more simple and help players to build a solid framework from which to work from in the future.

Posting requirements: at least 4-5 times per week.

We will focus on the following areas of emphasis:
1. Character creation (including all mechanics, backstory, and party fit)
2. Taking an action and action resolution
3. Combat and how it works in play by post games
4. General role playing ideas and tips
5. Benefits of role playing in play by post games

I know this is a little bit different, and if it isn't for you then I wish you well. If you're still interested then let me know. I don't plan on turning many away, but I do want to focus on the truly new folks to give them my full attention.

Throw your name in the RTJ if you're interested.
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Wed 6 Dec 2017
at 02:25
Looking for newbies

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Thu 7 Dec 2017
at 04:17
Looking for newbies
So far so good. I'm still looking for a few more to round out group 2.
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Fri 8 Dec 2017
at 19:11
Looking for newbies
In reply to jokast (msg # 3):

 Total and utter newbie to this on line RP.
 Have done face to face RP for many years ..mostly D&D 2ng/3rd ed.
 Have read all the FAQ etc sections but still unsure of how this thing runs. How often do you expect folk to log on and post?? Hourly/daily/weekly????
Have not got d&d 5th ed but played once but preferred 3rd. Would I need to invest in a players HB?

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Fri 8 Dec 2017
at 19:16
Looking for newbies
In reply to jokast (msg # 3):

OK found intro rules PDF for free down load so this is sorted.
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Wed 7 Feb 2018
at 04:18
Looking for newbies
In reply to jokast (msg # 1):

Is this still available to do/sign up for? if not is there a pdf or transcript of an example of a pbem game even just one scene?
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Wed 21 Feb 2018
at 17:07
Looking for newbies
In reply to jokast (msg # 1):

Are you still looking for players?
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Fri 23 Feb 2018
at 02:20
Looking for newbies
In reply to jokast (msg # 1):

If you're still looking, I'm pretty much a newbie in all regards, next to no TTRPG experience, I was only just told about PBP and I really like the general concept as my schedule doesn't let me commit to very long sessions whether it be online or F2F.