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  • It contains adult content.

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Aftertime Destiny - Tomorrow People RPG

Game Link: link to another game
Game Wiki: N/A
Concept: The Tomorrow People just trying to survive
Genre: Supernatural, mutants
Adult: YES
Game Style: Guided Sandbox
Gaming System: Freeform
Posting Rate: Minimum twice per week.
Number of PCs Currently: 1
Number of PCs Desired: 5

Homo sapiens superior = The next stage of evolution, or The Tomorrow People by vulgar argot.

You became by no means or knowledge of your own.  Perhaps one day you awakened from the night’s slumber in the neighbor’s garden or the school gymnasium.  Perhaps through force of will, the physical world bent to your whim in some small way, or perhaps it was that the voice in your head was always a little too lucid, and real.  Whatever the manifestation, these signs… these icons; Teleportation, Telepathy, and Telekinesis, have manifested, marking you among the new breed.   The Homo Superior… Human Next.

But all things are not fun and games.  Not all of humanity welcomes your kind with open, loving arms.  The Human race realizes that with the arrival of a new, more evolved mankind… their days are numbered.  But man will not go quietly into that good night.

There are those among the old guard, who’s goal is to destroy the Tomorrow People, and stop the changing of the times.   There are factions, organized, and active, who seek to kill all those that they can not capture and contain.  Chief among them the radical militant and government funded group called Ultra, who seek find and capture Tomorrow people, forcing them to undergo a painful process which robs them of their special powers.

You are one of the new breed… will this be a gift… or a curse?
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