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  • It contains adult content.

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Wed 6 Dec 2017
at 03:38
Life, Unlife, And Everything In Between

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Game Wiki:
Concept: Goth/Horror Punk with a new and interesting twist.
Genre: Vampire, Werewolf, Supernatural, Fantasy, Horror
Adult: YES
Game Style: Guided Sandbox
Gaming System: Freeform
Posting Rate: Minimum twice per week.
Number of PCs Currently: 4
Number of PCs Desired: Unlimited

This game is adult rated and therefore may contain nudity, sexual themes, violence, strong language and ideologically sensitive material. So consider yourself herewith warned.

Players in this game must of the age of majority in their place of residence or at least 18 years old, whichever is higher. If you are under that age or do not want to take part in scenes with the above described content: DO NOT APPLY TO THIS GAME.

This is a game for mature writers and those interested and serious will have a place here. It is not primarily an Erotic Roleplay Game, but may and probably will contain erotic scenes (within RPOL policies).

Welcome to Shadowhaven

The city of Shadowhaven has been a quiet little town, out of the lime light of the modern world, and their effects and affairs.  It's always been a place born of it's own culture, and timeless grace, peppered now and again by the staples of modernization.

Clubs, shops, and other innovations of the modern world slowly crept in, and the little town would never be the same.  In 10 years the town went from a sheep haven, to a young budding modern city, complete with fast food restaurants, and a mall.

In the last few years, however, even stranger trends began to take hold.  First were the disappearances, and then the change in the weather.  Soon after, there were reports of strange animals, and sightings which brought about a whole slew of new urban legends.

Things have been happening under mysterious circumstances.   There are strange vibes and a tension to the air.  Most feel it... something is about to happen... a storm is about to break... one which threatens to change the world forever.

Welcome to a dark Goth Punk world, of vampires and werewolves, of magic, and spirits, ghost, and creatures that feed upon flesh and fear.  Welcome to shadowhaven... how shall you make -your- story?

Life, Unlife, And Everything In Between


Population: 343,829
Government: Mayor-Council
Religions: Catholism, more non-traditional religions are becoming very popular
Imports: Food, Textiles
Exports: Lumber, Various types of seafoods, furs, gems, raw  materials

This relatively small town on the south Wales coast has a lot to offer despite its obscure location and despite the fact that you won't find it on any map. It is a place where time seems to stand still. A place of rest, of wild beauty, of lazy days and crazy nights.

Beneath the surface there are certain inhabitants in this town that are not quite what they seem. Vampires, Shape shifters, Witches and some things in between. This place seems to attract them.

There are certain places that have power. Maybe they sit where ley lines cross, Maybe ancient priests once worshiped there, or maybe forces beyond our comprehension have touched them. Whatever the reason, these places harness energies that mankind has no real understanding of. Welcome to the threshold. The veil between the illusion of the mundane reality and what lies behind the shadows is about to be lifted.

Welcome to Shadowhaven.
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Sat 16 Dec 2017
at 14:43
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