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Sorry, better luck next time.
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Thu 7 Dec 2017
at 07:37
Looking for players
Stories come out of the distant past to give warnings of perils both real and imagined. To all but the longest lived races these are just that stories, myths and fables, intended for lessens or to keep children from misbehaving. Others know the truth of these stories, how real evil twisted beings were brought to this world. How some were destroyed while others still slumber in eternal prisons, waiting for the smallest crack to free them, waiting and plotting in eternal darkness...
Looking for 4 to 6 players

At minimum I am looking to fill the 4 classic roles:

Arcane Caster

In my experience most people usually go for either the tank or the stealth class, I am asking in the RTJ to follow the format I have set up, only please submit 2 different Character concepts on your RTJ (can be same Character Name and race, just different class role). Note one as the one you wish to play and the other as second choice.

Furthermore please do not ask questions here as I will rarely look at this thread. I intend to make my choices Sunday Night (US Eastern Time)
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Mon 11 Dec 2017
at 08:27
Looking for players
Had a rogue/stealth Character but they decided to bow out after being added. Looking for someone to fill this gap, game has yet to start.