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  • It contains adult content.
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Fri 12 Jan 2018
at 23:26
Are you Master or a Slave? Find out.
Note: This game despite its S/M themed aspects is focused on Mafia/Crime Family politics and drama to give it a unique perspective to its world.

Are you rich? Sponsored? or perhaps you just smuggled your way in? Some people call this place the Island of Dreams. An island full of desires. Some see it as a staging area or even home for criminals and mobs. While the locals know it is a place where the rich and the powerful stay in. It is a small island just north from Hawaii and possibly just a few minutes boat ride from the shore of the mainland to this mysterious island. Not much is known about it but for the people who venture here; they would soon (or already have) find out that it is a place not just for everyone.

At the top of that island lies a towering establishment. A hotel. It is a fine establishment. A well known enterprise catering to the rich, to the devious, and to whatever characters that work their way into the night. It is what most refer to as the place to make each one's desires come true. A place that welcomes practices the happens during closed doors. A utopia for the wicked and the punished. Most come for the fix as they find a sweet temporary reprieve from their daily life as they delve within their most inner desires to control or be controlled. Others come for partnership, a longing and a deep meaningful bond to nurture as time passes. Whatever maybe the case, every patron of this fine establishment have been satisfied to whatever this place has to offer.

Call it a club, a dungeon, an organization, a venture, or even a simple restaurant. Most people just call it the "The Bound"

The Private & members-only atmosphere allows all members the freedom to express their sexiest desires in the most upscale lifestyle club Hawaii has to offer. Their goal is to provide a fun, sexy memorable experience to members of all ages (legal) and interests. At the Bound, people's enjoyment, privacy and security are always a primary focus. Come experience a sexy night of fun at the lucrative downtown club. A guarantee that everyone will want to come back to experience all the club has to offer.

Note: The game will be set in a Modern, *Normal* Setting. With Kinky and BDSM themed interactions. I would like players to understand this wont all be about sex but a discovery and slow evolution on the establishment and the characters within the world that I created as they slowly grow and further develop into a story of deceit, drama, crime and manipulation.

Please Read: This is an old game which will be subjected to a reset if enough interest comes to it.

PS. Players who are interested in the game, please do not reply here, instead go and click the link that redirects to our page so you could formally request access there. I repeat: we will not be reading or responding to any messaged in here. Thank you for your time.

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Sat 20 Jan 2018
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Are you Master or a Slave? Find out.

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Sat 27 Jan 2018
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Are you Master or a Slave? Find out.
Bump. Game is already progress nicely.
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