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Sun 11 Feb 2018
at 20:15
Shootin and Lootin in the Borderlands
This is a powered by the apocalypse game using the the No Rest for the Wicked rule set found here:

Borderlands: the famous shoot and loot rpg taking place on the oh so infamous border world Pandora. Where the corporations suck the planet dry while the bandits take everything that isn't nailed down. It was here that the first Vault was found; a remnant of the thought to be extinct Eridian race rumored to contain anything your heart desires.

While the first and second vault contained only terrible biological weapons, they also contained the promise of power and a map to every vault in the six galaxies. The race is on to find the vaults and claim the power within them.

This brings us to Proteus. A planet covered in a massive temperate forest with trees hundreds of feet tall, and home to one of the Jakobs corporation's bigest lumber milling operation. Theres just one small problem: A massive storm thousands of miles in diameter that forever crawls across the surface of the planet, flooding everything 4 times a year.

With the rumors of a vault hidden in the forest, Jakobs abandoned their massive cities to live on the  massive mobile lumber mills that clear large swathes of forest, the bandits have formed powerful clans, and vault hunters descend upon the world in large numbers.

So come join us on an epic adventure filled with laughs, gore, and plenty of guns.

A quick note before you join: Please tell me what playbook you want when you sign up, and siren is currently the only restricted playbook.