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Mon 12 Feb 2018
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Need help with a character or setting?
Who Are We?

We're a couple of gamers, writers, storytellers, and more. We get so enthralled in the excitement of character creation, world development, and all those other bits and pieces of game design that we decided to put together a little place where we can focus on just these aspects of the game.

We don't hold anything here as proprietary and share it willingly with everybody who wishes to see what's available. For us, the love of the game is in the creation. If we can put that to use to help others, we're delighted to.

This help can range from figuring out base nuggets of information you have about a character or setting you want to expand on, to putting in the final touches of your character's personality or history to make them seem like full-fledged people. We'll also have lists of NPCs, quests, and campaign/adventure ideas that are free for the taking.

Many folks here on RPOL are highly sensitive about their intellectual property and refuse to share it, or give rights to it, to anybody but themselves. We can dig that, and we feel the same way... although it's to a much smaller degree. If you use the resources we lay out for you, please give us a bit of credit when applying to games or using the material for your own. A simple "Thanks to the folks at The Character Lab for putting all of this together!" somewhere on your Rules page, Game Info page, or Character Creation/RTJ page will suffice.

We're in this for the story, the fun of creation, and for helping folks out who need a couple of nudges in the right direction. Hell, hang out and chat in our OOC about anything you want. Feeling up to contributing? You can join as a full-fledged Creator Member! Just let us know your goals and experience, and we're happy to have you.

Have fun out there, and if you're stuck on a final detail or need a second pair of eyes to go over your campaign details, check out The Character Lab!