This is an advertisement for the game GURPS 4e: The Outer Wastes.
  • The game is located in the Fantasy, Frontier/Western, Sci-Fi categories.
  • It has 1,164 posts and is run by Toadstool.
  • Its last post was made at 03:50, Sunday, 25 November.
  • The game is currently not requesting players.
  • It contains mature content.
  • The GM considers the game to be solely owned by them. ?

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Mon 12 Feb 2018
at 15:53
Planetary Explorers Needed
If you are looking for a game with elements of science fiction, fantasy, and wilderness adventures consider joining us in The Outer Wastes.
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Sun 4 Mar 2018
at 00:53
Planetary Explorers Needed
The GM is looking for two new players to join the survivors of the Federation Star Ship Nomad.

Whether you are new to GURPS -- or a veteran of the system -- if this piques your interest (and you are able to post regularly) check out our game.
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Mon 12 Mar 2018
at 16:34
Planetary Explorers Needed
Crash-landing on a distant planet wasn't exactly in the plan. Finding a good place to crash land wasn't as easy as it seemed either -- crash into mountains or crash into a desert waste. Your captain -- now dead -- opted for the latter apparently hoping lives would be spared. You emerge from the wreckage of your craft, breathing oxygen-and-nitrogen-rich air.

Our game has begun -- and we still need players!

We are looking for players who are able to post reguarly and want to focus on their roleplaying skills in a science fiction, fantasy, and frontier-style survival setting.

We welcome new and seasoned GURPS players. Check us out.
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Tue 13 Mar 2018
at 00:58
Planetary Explorers Needed
In reply to Toadstool (msg # 3):

ok count me in

(like i'm a Nomad stowawayyy!)
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