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Tue 13 Feb 2018
at 23:18
Seeking Experienced Trouble Shooter and Risk Takers
Found our perfect fit in record time!  Thanks, all!

The Craiglist ad in the Seattle Washington area reads:

New Business Enterprise Seeks Experienced Security Professional, “Fixer” and/or Trouble Shooter…

Qualified Applicant:

• Must be able to work independently with little supervision.
• Must be resourceful and able to innovate and problem solve creatively.
• Must be physically fit.
• Must be able to defend himself in physical confrontations.
• Must adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement.
• Must be willing to travel.

Private Investigators, Ex-Police Detectives, Former Military, Outdoorsmen and/or Survivalist Types, preferred. Thrill Seekers/Risk Takers Go to the Top of the List.

If interested, send Resume and Salary Requirements to:  link to another game  Ask for Fat Charlie.

Game is Adult for violence and language, not the dirty stuff. Please send RTJ for any inquiries or you can RMail me.

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