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 member, 14 posts
Sun 11 Mar 2018
at 23:37
We need replacement players!
We have pack members that need to be played. The rules are the werewolf 20th anniversary edition look forward to hearing from you a response to your application will come promptly.

Seeking players for:

Luke Robinson
Breed:   Homid
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe:   Children of Gaia

Borne to be a star Luke showed great talent from an early age with encouragement from his parents they found him a manager, an over zelos manager who made sure he was groomed to be the next big action star. Knowing that this kid was his big meal ticket he invested money and hours like they were going out of fashion. He got Luke weapons, firearms, and driving training. He knew the right people and got Luke all the right gigs gaining him contacts that would make presidents envious and make him a future star. Luke was about to land the twilight movie saga when his first change came upon him, and that looser Taylor Lawnton got the gig. The Children of Gaia secreted him away to the Fanum where they indoctrinated him to the garou world and taught him about the occult being one of the only schools for such thing in america. They also taught him much about cosmology and the spirit realms making him more adept than many garou. It was then that the Leeches attacked with the blackspiral dances slaying his pack with him only barely escaping with his life. But now he has a new pack and revenge on his mind. But with his parents somehow getting his mobile number, now his manager is sure to know where he can be contacted and will again be looking for him.

Sean Selmetzi
Breed:   Homid
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe:   Stargazer

Sean is of Eastern European Decent when in his wolf form his coat is gray with streaks of black. He is 5'7" and has an athletic build with tan skin and black/brown hair in homid form. In his wolf forms he tends to be on the leaner side verses bulky.

First in first served

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 member, 15 posts
Mon 19 Mar 2018
at 05:02
We need replacement players!

Still Looking need 2 more
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Game: New Hero's of the Forgotten Realms.
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  • The GM considers the game to be solely owned by them. ?

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