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Mon 12 Mar 2018
at 06:45
Senzar: Fantasy on the Most Epic Scale
If you recognize the name "Senzar", then you probably know it from bad reviews. The Senzar Fantasy RPG has literally never had a good review, and it long held slots on "Ten Worst RPGs" lists. I love it. It's my favorite game. Think less Lord of the Rings and more Heavy Metal. If you are in the mood for something highly weird, something purposefully over-the-top and over-powered, and something which celebrates the hack-n-slash mentality, I have an offer for you.

In our campaign, we have just wrapped up Act II and are moving onto Act III. In each Act, we are looking at a specific slice-of-life adventure in the lives of our player-characters. Between each Act, we advance the setting by several years and several experience levels. The intention is to follow these players from humble beginnings to the very threshold of immortality -- if they survive the climb which will be very difficult. We have three dedicated players, but some fresh blood would be welcome. New players of course would miss out on the humble stage, but they would get a chance to follow their characters from mid-level veteran adventurers to legendary heroes.

The game system is standard enough to feel familiar to old school gamers. You roll a twenty-sider to wack something on the head. You pay Power Points to cast a spell. You kill a monster when you deplete its hit points and then loot its body.

Current game: The PCs began as prisoners and slaves destined for public sacrifice. They escaped through the underground terrain of the Planet Senzar and emerged into a wild world where civilization thrives in small pockets. This is the Bronze Age of Senzar, the 2nd Age. Think less Conan and more Thundarr the Barbarian. City-States are claiming their territory across the five continents and pushing back the wilderness. The PCs recently reopened a remote mountain stronghold sealed since the 1st Age and also rediscovered a lost form of magic. They also gained the attention of immortals who shuffled their destinies and granted them new powers. The PCs are discussing what they will do next, perhaps overthrowing a corrupt monarch or searching for a long lost kingdom.

The nitty-gritty: Posting in this game has been somewhat erratic. I try to post every other day. Knowledge of the setting and system is neither required nor expected. The specific rules we are using are the unpublished 3rd Revision which has a moderate to low-moderate complexity, roughly equal to AD&D. I am willing to take on upwards of three new players at a time.

Here is how new PCs would get introduced. I have a list of Racial Templates and Profession Templates and Freak Templates. After a little two way discussion, a new player would pick one of each type of template and summarize a character concept which combines the three. The player will also make up a driving motivation for the PC. I will flesh out the rest of the character sheet. I will start the new character at 10th level (out of a possible 20). The PCs will lack the magical gear and the Fate Points that established PCs have earned but will be pretty darn close in power and skill.

This is your invitation to embrace the climb of epic destiny. This is your time to rise from squaller and shake the great temples of the gods. This is your call to come join the Dragon's Game.
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Mon 12 Mar 2018
at 07:32
Senzar: Fantasy on the Most Epic Scale
Seriously people, I've never played Senzar before, and I'm loving this game. Try it out I believe you won't be disappointed.
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