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Mon 9 Apr 2018
at 13:25
80s era survival horror fantasy
September, 1983. You awaken to the sound of alarms in a strange place, with no memory of how you got there. There's a mystery to unravel here. A lot of mysteries, maybe, but first you'll need to survive long enough to understand the rules.

Only then can you regain your lost memories.

Only then can you hope to return to your life, your loved ones.

Let the World Burn
is a survival horror game edging into magical realism. Characters are ordinary 80s-era people thrust into a situation they didn't create.  Gameplay will focus on survival and unraveling the mystery of what's happened... should the players choose to pursue such goals.

This is a black box game; there are mechanics, but they're largely kept behind the scenes.
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Mon 16 Apr 2018
at 17:12
80s era survival horror fantasy
Got a good crew of players, but we're only just started and have room for more. Creepy atmosphere, mysteries to solve, player-choice driven... give it a go, see what happens.