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 member, 1 post
Thu 19 Apr 2018
at 21:01
Sandbox RPG Realms of Antares - Need 2 to 3 more players
We've got a start on the story, but a few of our number seem to have dropped out, so we're looking for more.

We'll be using the Pocket Fantasy RPG rules. They're pretty easy to grasp, and they don't seem like they'll get in the way of good roleplay.

Where this game goes is up to the players. While you're off knocking gnolls upside the head or sneaking and charming your way through a Great Hall, however, the world will not stand still around you. Lords are scheming, conflicts brewing, and ancient evils waking...

Looking for around 4 to 6 players. RTJ!

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 member, 2 posts
Thu 26 Apr 2018
at 22:31
Sandbox RPG Realms of Antares - looking for 1 to 3 more play
Bump! I think we've got a fun crew so far, and the more the merrier!
 member, 3 posts
Wed 13 Jun 2018
at 18:43
Sandbox RPG Realms of Antares - looking for 2 to 3 more
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