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The 100 (Savage Worlds)
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The year is 3020 and it has been a full century since humanity was nearly wiped out by a nuclear assault at the hands of an AI created to make life better for mankind. Luckily there had been just enough warning for a small group of survivors (roughly 2000 individuals) to board a massive space station called the Ark.

 They have spent the past hundred years living on the Ark with no news of survivors down on the planet. A ruling council was created led by a Chancellor. It was the council's job to govern over the Ark and to implement and carry out laws and regulations. Over time these regulations became more and more strict and the penalties more and more severe, to the point that nearly every offense results in a death sentence. And now recent findings have only made things worse.

The Ark is in trouble. After a century of operation her systems are starting to break down. Food and basic necessities have become harder and harder to come by. Recent studies indicate that the station's oxygen generators will only be able to sustain the current number of people on board for another six months.

After considerable debate the Council devises a plan. One that will kill two birds with one stone. With nearly every crime committed on board the station resulting in Death by Airlock, the prison area is becoming rather crowded. The plan is to gather one hundred of the prisoners, determined by severity of their crime  and any useful skills they might possess and enroll them in a crash course on how to survive on the planet. They will then be equipped with specialized monitoring bracelets and sent down to the planet with enough supplies to last six months. They are to explore the area around where they land to ensure that the area is safe and that the radiation levels have dropped enough to allow the other people of the Ark to return to the planet's surface.

You are one of the "Hundred".


This will be a Savage Worlds(Broken Earth) game based loosely on the hit TV series 100. While the general premise will be the same, this will be more of a re-imagining. There will be bits of the shows plot mixed with much of the plot and source material from the Broken Earth setting.

The first step is to PM me with your character concept. Who are you? What was your job/position/status on the Ark? What was your crime? If I like the concept we can move on to character creation.