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Tue 10 Jul 2018
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Seeking Adventurers, Crafters, and Knaves (Pathfinder)
It had taken the greater part of two centuries but the being known only as The Overlady had finally gathered enough of a following to begin her rise to power. Many of her scouts had been sent out, seeking a place to start her settlements. After much deliberation, she settled on the northern reaches of Taldor in the regions between Verduran Forest and the World's Edge Mountains.

After occupying the town of Faldamont centered around a mining complex, the Overlady has commanded that small forces be sent to quietly begin building settlements in the surrounding country to enable trade and diversity of goods incoming.

You are one of those tasked with occupying and building near the fork of the Verduran Fork river and in the shadow of the Verduran forest. Perhaps you're a craftsman, seeking gold and glory or a warrior sent to ensure the security of the settlement, whatever it takes. Whatever your skills are, you will face the dangers of the Verduran and the druids which consider themselves protectors of the forest.

***I'm not going to put limits on how many we accept. My hope is to create a vibrant community of roleplayers and GMs working to tell a grand story. The focus of the game is building a settlement and the intrigue, mayhem, combat, and crafting that comes along with that. There will be plenty of opportunity for solo adventures as well as groups.***

*~*This is an EVIL campaign! I consider the line between good and evil to be selflessness and selfishness. With that in mind, while your selfish desires may lead to wanton slaughter from time to time, it is often in your best interests to work with others to accomplish something greater. Not the greater good... the greater evil!*~*

~*~This is also an Adult game to allow for greater freedom to create an evil story and while certain less noble themes are allowed, breaking the rules is not. While adult themes are allowed, THIS IS NOT THE FOCUS OF THE GAME. Be aware of where the line is at all times!~*~
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Game: The Way It Ended.
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