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Red Fox
 member, 15 posts
Wed 11 Jul 2018
at 07:11
D&D 3.5 The Dragon Orbs of Shaharah - Seeking Players!
This game is rated adult
Not first come first serve

The trecherous world of Shahara is filled with horrors. The King Janeba, a powerful Sorcerer, is fierce and has hired or rather forced our heroes to seek the Magical Dragon Orbs that glow and pulsate with power and retrieve them to him. So what exactly is it that these dragon orbs do? Will you succeed the mission. Will you please your King or seek the power for yourelves? Or will you die almongst the rest of those who betray his wishes...

So far we have two female players,
1 elf fighter
1 human rogue/bard

They're both on the run from The Orc King's minions. A great place to start outside of Casterly Rock.

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 member, 1 post
Wed 11 Jul 2018
at 19:05
DnD 3.5. Seeking experienced players
In reply to Red Fox (msg # 1):

I am new to this sight and to D&D but I would love to join.
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