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Sorry, better luck next time.
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Wed 11 Jul 2018
at 14:04
Nutrient Procurement of Vitae
Interested in a game based heavily on intrigue and drama?

Interested in a powerful Vampire character, starting with a lot more power than a neonate?

Maybe this game is for you...

Vampires only!
 member, 29 posts
Thu 19 Jul 2018
at 13:29
Nutrient Procurement of Vitae
Looking for a couple more characters to fill the ranks with.  This is a coterie-style, storytelling game with constant guidance.  No Freeforming, no Sandboxing, just storytelling with opponents and plots.  :)

Very limited Clan options though... but starting the game with 56xp each plus a slightly upgraded creation system.

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Tue 28 Aug 2018
at 08:33
Nutrient Procurement of Vitae
Willing to add another coterie if there is enough interest.