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Wed 11 Jul 2018
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Masks:  A New Generation of Mutants
Mutation: it is the key to our evolution.
It has enabled us to evolve into the dominant species on the planet.
This process normally takes thousands and thousands of years, but every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.

This is the story of a young group of mutants still trying to get a grip on their mutations, and who they are with those mutations.  The X-Men have long been at the forefront of the fight for mutant rights, and there are those that believe that mutants deserve the same freedoms as any other person.  There are also those that believe that mutants are no longer human and therefor have lost their right to those freedoms.

The students find refuge at a school for young men and women like them.  A place where mutants can learn and grow together without the threat of hatred and bigotry they find in the outside world.  Xavier's School for Gifted Students operates under the guise of just another prep school, but it's true nature is known to those in attendance.

This game will be about a group of young mutants coming to terms with being what they are, as well as coming together as a team with others like themselves.

We will handle the background questions and how the team came together questions as a group once everyone has been accepted and has chosen their playbook.

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