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Sorry, better luck next time.
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Thu 12 Jul 2018
at 00:33
[Conan RPG/2d20] Warrior needed!!
If you enjoy:
1. The 2d20 system, the Conan RPG, or learning a new RPG;
2. Sword-and-sorcery, gritty fantasy
3. Thoughtful characterization

then please come and RTJ.

I am not looking for a sorcerer, as we have one; any other character type is welcome. Note that I am less interested in your concept in the RTJ and more interest in you as a player; please follow the RTJ instructions. :-)

1-2 players currently requested. RTJs will close end of day Thursday 8/12, story will start next Monday.

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Fri 13 Jul 2018
at 11:18
[Conan RPG/2d20] Warrior needed!!
See below.

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Thu 19 Jul 2018
at 01:54
[Conan RPG/2d20] Warrior needed!!
No more players required as of this time. Thanks!

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