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 member, 177 posts
Wed 1 Aug 2018
at 19:54
Scavenger or Colonist?
July 2, 2025
My dearest Kenna,

I remember when the world was bright, when children chased after the ice cream truck on warm summer days. I remember sitting on the front porch when you asked me if we could take the kids to the island, how theyíd cheered with glee when I said yes. It was almost enough to distract them when the ice cream truck came to a stop in front of their house. Itís one of my favorite memories of our life, something so simple and itís what I chose to hold onto.

The world as we knew it is over and I've lost our family. They've either died or moved on, I only hope if they are still out there that they'll find my notes. I still wish you were here, I know itís a selfish thought but I canít help it. The island isnít the same without you here. The island is not the same at all.

Itís been five years since the power went out and if thereís any form of government or organization trying to restore a way of life, we havenít heard of it. Any news we receive is just of small groups and rumors of settlements but after having searched and failed at finding two, our group gave up. Detroit is abandoned, it was one of the first cities to fall.

The people that have split into two groups, those that have come to the island, and the tensions between them grow. Theyíre small now in numbers but they will continue to grow, as there are new arrivals every week. One group reminds me of that Mel Gibson movie you use to force me to watch, Mad Max. Not that they look like the characters but itís that mentality of taking what they want.

The other group, weíre more interested in trying to keep civilization whole. Itís kind of like weíve been thrown back into Little House on the Prairie times. Weíre trying to create a colony and the others, we call them Scavengers, are trying to create chaos.

I found this notebook in the lost in found at the dance hall. Our swing is still there, one of the chains had come disconnected but I fixed it. I come here every day and now I will write to you daily no matter how silly it seems.

- Francis

 member, 178 posts
Thu 9 Aug 2018
at 23:44
Scavenger or Colonist?
*bumpidity bump*

Looking for some players still with an aim to start up next week.
 member, 179 posts
Thu 16 Aug 2018
at 23:52
Scavenger or Colonist?
Just got started so still good time to join in, well anytime is honestly.

Could use some more bodies ;)
 member, 180 posts
Fri 24 Aug 2018
at 11:06
Scavenger or Colonist?
Bump-asaurus Rex.
 member, 181 posts
Wed 5 Sep 2018
at 19:08
Scavenger or Colonist?
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