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  • The game is located in the Action/Adventure, Fantasy categories.
  • It has 54 posts and is run by Vatticone.
  • Its last post was made at 04:26, Friday, 25 January.
  • The game is currently not requesting players.
  • It contains mature content.
  • The GM considers the game to be solely owned by them. ?

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 member, 19 posts
Thu 9 Aug 2018
at 02:10
Seeking Adventurers
Following an arcane catastrophe, power in Cydonia has been wrested from the hands of the monarchy and aristocrats now rests with the people in the form of Guilds.

Now accepting RTJs to start a new adventure in a simple, classic fantasy style setting with plenty of the world left to flesh out. Intending to accept RTJs through January 2 and start on January 4.

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 member, 20 posts
Thu 16 Aug 2018
at 03:25
Seeking Adventurers, Heroes, and Bandits

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 member, 21 posts
Sat 29 Dec 2018
at 01:49
Seeking Adventurers, Heroes, and Bandits
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