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 member, 4 posts
Sun 23 Sep 2018
at 01:00
{E6; mature; D&D 3.5} seeks adventurous characters.
Are you tired of games that end before they even begin? because I am.

do you want to see what you can do with an open world that has a central plot? a plot that you can interact with (or ignore) in any way you want.

Are you willing to make some hard decisions and live with the consequences?

Are you ready for a mature game?

If you are brave enough to answer these questions, click on the link below.

link to another game
 member, 7 posts
Sat 29 Sep 2018
at 17:58
{E6; mature; D&D 3.5} seeks adventurous characters.
this game still needs more players.

Some have commented that there is too much going on in my world, and to an extent many of you are correct.

But that is a simple extension of the fact, that things that are beyond your ability to directly interact with; are not invisible to you as characters. I don't believe in putting blinders on characters.

If you (as players or characters) want to pull back the curtain and see the wider world I allow you to do so.

You as players and characters will be amazed at the effect of a pebble can do in the ocean of plot lines in my world.

with propper planning
  • "for want of a single nail...the war was lost"

everything and everyone in my world has a weakness...sometimes it is a dependence on something mundane, sometimes it is something obscure. a bit of cautious research and gathering of info if your friend on this matter.

There is a villain out there that must consume 5 gals of lamp oil every day or die.

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 member, 8 posts
Thu 4 Oct 2018
at 20:58
{E6; mature; D&D 3.5} seeks adventurous characters.
the acquisition of players and characters for this game remains a BUMPy endeavor.

P.S. to those willing to take on the responsibility may play multiple character
 member, 12 posts
Thu 11 Oct 2018
at 21:11
{E6; mature; D&D 3.5} seeks adventurous characters.
this game also allows for players to run a "solo" party, if that player can demonstrate the capability/interest to play multiple PCs.
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