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Myrddin Emyr
 member, 87 posts
Thu 11 Oct 2018
at 22:42
Player Recruitment - Birthright Campaign DnD v3.5
Greetings all,

Currently starting a DnD 3.5 Campaign within the Cerilia world (World of Birthright). I have been GMing for over 30 years now and while I mainly developed my own world, I have been playing within the Birthright Campaign world for 5 years now and decided to bring my own twist to its tale.

It is to be noted if you are familiar with the Birthright Campaign world:

If you expect me to follow the world setup 100%, do not join. I have brought my own twist to the world and universe of Birthright. While the base of it is there, as a whole it's history is being written.

Which brings us to where this campaign is taking place.


The Lands of Roesone have been through a lot. A newly formed country only 40 some odd years after the Battle of Deismarr, we stand now at a crucial point of upheaval within Roesone which has rocked the foundation of the new Empire itself. The people of Roesone are facing great danger from within its own country, within its own nobility. The people, though, are beginning to fight back. Some are rising. Some are wanting to right what has been wronged.


Of course, the rebellion is young. Will you be part of those that right the wrongs that have been brought forth in Roesone?

Character creation is described in the Campaign Forums. Please note the following:

1) Magic is outlawed in Roesone.(See LAWS thread in forums) Wizards, Sorcerors and any variations of these are to be killed on sight. This does not mean you can't play one, but expect the consequences if you choose these classes and get caught using magic. Also, training will be difficult as no mentors will be in the area.

2) Paladins were wiped during the Cleansing. This does not mean one cannot play one but note that a Paladin in Roesone will attract attention as the Paladins of the Impregnable Church of Haelyn in Roesone are no more. Only those that were sent to the capital in Diemed remain or from other countries. Playing one will mean that you will be seen as a beacon for the population and thus viewed as a problem by those in authority. Will test ones dedication to ones Paladinhood.

3) Clerics have been, for the most part, subdued within the country of Roesone. They help the people, some more than others, but have had to find middle ground with those of authority. This has caused moral conundrums for many. Playable but expect, as the Paladin, to be tested often. If playing a Cleric of another church, support will be limited within Roesone.

4) Fighters/Thieves are more common as would be Bards. Bards may find training to be an issue as no "Bard Class" remain (as those that were here found it easier to make money elsewhere and those that remained were usually killed for using "magic".

5) There are no monks in Cerilia

6) Player will begin at level 1

Seems limited but it isn't. Again, all classes can be played but expect consequences based on info listed above.


We will be looking for 4-6 players for this campaign. It will NOT be a dungeon crawl but will have a bit of everything. While the campaign will focus on the rebellion against the rule within Roesone, many side adventures will follow and character actions and decisions will play a role in developing more side line adventures.


About myself:

I have been playing role playing games for the last 32 years (of which 28 have been GMing approximatly). I like ROLE PLAYING vs ROLL PLAYING and feel a campaign should be a story that is built by both the PLAYERS and the GM. I like all my campaigns to be part of the continuity of the campaign world itself. My live group has been with me for over 30 years now and we have been campaigning in Cerilia for over 5 years now. This campaign will add to its history. You will feel/see repercussions of their actions in other campaigns throughout the campaign we are about to play and they will feel your influence, depending on your own actions.

*** Applicants should send over a description of their role playing style, what they are looking for in a campaign on RPOL and then a description of their character. No need to send in a character sheet yet: First I'd like to discuss your character "base" along with your role playing style/expectations. ***


We have currently added the following players into the campaign (listed as a Class to help those that wish to join to make a choice as to  their chosen profession)

- Ranger
- Beguiler
- Wizard

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Myrddin Emyr
 member, 88 posts
Sat 13 Oct 2018
at 04:27
Player Recruitment - Birthright Campaign DnD v3.5
We currently have a full roster. The last position will be filled shortly from among the last applicants.

Thanks to all who applied and keep watch if we expand our group.
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