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Outside-the-Box Jellyfish
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Thu 6 Dec 2018
at 12:35
Magical Kingdom in Need (High-Power Adult Pathfinder)
The demiplane kingdom of Highvalor had been in a state of peace and prosperity for some time. The hostile pseudo-elemental entities that formed in the demiplaneís hinterlands rarely wandered into the kingdom proper, and extraplanar incursions from fiends, wizards, or nefarious organizations were rare. Crime, banditry, and corruption hadnít been an issue for ages.
Now the kingdom is under attack. The elementals springing from the demiplanes essence increased greatly in numbers and began to pour into the kingdomís territory, some even starting to form inside it. Creatures from the lower planes began to show up, attempting to corrupt the populace or destroy them. Threats to the kingdom had been long overdue, and now they were all coming at once.

After a particularly vicious assault on the capital,  in which all but one of the royal family were eliminated and most of its guardian forces devastated, the surviving heir has called summoned a council indomitable heroes from its allies in order to devise a solution to these troubles.


For this game I am looking for players who are interested in the following:
1) An atypically high-powered game (in this case, level 15+, gestalt, with a bit of mythic). If youíve ever been curious or eager to try something crazy, this is your chance.
2) Despite being a tad of a powergame, a strong emphasis on roleplaying and character development, with less on getting more levels
3) A story that, while possibly involving some serious darkness, will not just be a dreary gritslog
4) Semi-solo. The story will not require the group be attached at the hip and go everywhere and do everything together. If everyone does constantly roll deep, thatís fine, but Iíll facilitate any amount of splitting up.
5) Semi-sandbox. While there is a definite primary conflict and thus a particular story goal to pursue, how you go about everything will be up to you and there may be opportunity for sandboxiness after thatís resolved, depending how things go.
6) Interesting in a possible bit of sexy content here and there (hence the adult rating). The extent will depend on the group (maybe none, so, don't have too many expectations). I'm just interested in meeting players in general who like including this in their roleplaying.

This is somewhat of a test, to meet potential players for later games if everything goes well.

If that style of game interests you, more details can be found in the game itself.
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Game: The Primal Path.
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