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The Races
There are two races in this world.

The Beorc.

The Beorc are humans. The build cities and use weapons, technology, and magic, to survive. Player classes only apply to them.

The Laguz

Laguz are shapeshifters. They look like humans but with certain animal qualities, like cat ears poking out instead of human ear. While the Beorc create weapons, Laguz become their own weapons. A single Laguz can only turn into one animal, though it is usually a much larger version of the wild counterpart. In other words a Laguz that can turn into a Hawk, will turn into a very big hawk and one that can turn into a cat, will turn into a very big cat. Animal that start out larger will still get bigger, but to a lesser extent.

There are three type of Laguz: Feline/Canine, Bird, and Dragon.

Cat Laguz - Cat laguz can transform into large bobcats, which are quick and agile.
Tiger Laguz - Tiger laguz transform into large tigers, often taller than a human. They are powerful and can take hits, but aren't too fast.
Wolf Laguz - Wolf laguz can transform into large wolves. They are somewhere in the middle.

Bird Laguz:
Hawk Laguz - Giant flying birds, colored in multitudes of brown. Fast and strong, but vulnerable to arrows.
Raven Laguz - Same as above, in black.

Dragon Laguz:
Dragon laguz are powerful, hard to kill, and rare. (I will not be allowing any more dragons, sorry.)

Branded: Branded are Beorc who have some Laguz in them. They live longer then Beorc but they function the same way. They cannot change shape like Laguz, but they can use Beorc classes. Different people react differently to the Branded. Some people like them some people don't, to some people it doesn't make a difference. If you want to play a Bradded it's up to you to decide how being a Branded has effected them, if at all.

Branded get their name from their strange birth mark they receive as a result of their mixed heritage. Some Branded show it off, while others try to hide it.

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Re: The Races
I think it is only fair to warn player applying for dragon characters, at the beginning of the game Dragons are only superior in the way of stamina, otherwise I don't want to see you pulling any "Hyper-beam" stuff on me. Dragons' breath is magic; light (usually looks like ice) dark (purple or black energy) or anima (wind lightning or fire) I don't want you jumping around between types of dragon breath, and I expect you to treat it as low level magic. For now anyway, you'll get to see him plenty powerful later.

Please nothing ridiculous.

I realize that this should have been up earlier, and now that I will only be allowing one more dragon laguz it's ironic that I would choose to post this now. But better late then never.

We are no longer excepting applications for Dragons. Sorry.

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