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This thread is meant to help keep track of important NPCs.

Thorn Beard - This warrior class ex-pirate captain is known for his heavy drinking. He was once a prominent Naval soldier. He was given a dishonorable discharge from service because of his heavy drinking. He turned to piracy and life as a merchant. With his crew disbanded, he works as a blacksmith. He makes and sells weapons and armor to anyone with gold to spend. He has taken on Caedon de Arnes as a kind of student. He has frightening large green eyes. He wears an eye-patch. He has a pointed black beard with white tips.

He has currently not joined the mercenary band. - THORN BEARD JOINED

Jasmine Albion -  Only daughter of Lord and Lady Albion. She is a pupil class. She is a little narrow minded and her current goal in life is to be married to someone of a higher social status, because she thinks that is the meaning of success.

She has currently not joined the mercenary band. - JASMINE ALBION JOINED

Bemu - This ex-adventurer, has recently become a thief. She is a skilled acrobat and gifted with her knives and daggers. She is a Branded with silver hair and green eyes.

She has currently not joined the mercenary band.

Falner - A gifted swordsmaster with skill that is rare even among men twice his age. He is currently a prisoner of the Arena. All money earned in his fights goes to his "employer" rather than himself. He is a Branded with silver hair  and green eyes.

He has currently not joined the mercenary band.

Lord Sebastian - Regnant Lord of Welaki Island. He walks with a cane and has white hair and blue-green eyes.


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