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The Continent of Ziemia
The continent of Ziemia.
The continent is made of of five major countries, Briddo , Am-dro , Ddyfrha , Danio, Caeli, the western Island chain, and northern mountain range.

I know this is a lot, and most of it is just background but much of it will become important later in the story. For now you can just read the last paragraph and you should get by just fine. But if you ever get bored and need something to do, maybe you'll read this.

Briddo, is a rough country, where the ground is hard like iron. It is the northern most country and borders on the mountain range. It is made up of hills and valleys. There are very few trees it is mostly grassland. But contrary to to previous misconceptions the land is very fertile. Early travelers saw that there were no trees and assumed that the land was not good for farming. In truth it is quite the opposite, the land is very useful, melting snow from the mountains keeps the land renewed. 400 years ago and very wealthy merchant with an eccentric streak, purchased the land from the King and Queen of Caeli. Laughing at him they sold him the land for four pieces of gold per square mile. As it turns out The merchant knew what he was doing. He set up his own kingdom and rushed to make treaties with the small tribes of Dragon Laguz who were already living on the land and quickly established his control of the Land by taking a Dragon Laguz to be his queen. The few living Dragon Laguz have sense been the ruling class of Briddo, and the people of the country have enjoyed lasting peace.

Ddyfrha, is a merchant country to the south west, they have sovereignty over the western Island chain. It acts as a colony and a spring board for their navy and trade routs. They have enormous control over the ocean on the west side of the continent. Ddyfrha's influence alone as cause the success and failure of many coast cities based purely on where their trade ships make port. The country is a divers mix of people from all over the continent. They are ruled by a democratic oligarchy, of the ruling merchant lords. Away from the coast the beaches fade away to form plains and farms. It is hard to believe that such rural areas are so close to the bustling cities of the coast.

Am-dro and Danio used to be a single country to the east and southeast. In 408 they broke away from each other during a civil war. Am-dro is mostly populated by Bird Laguz and Danio is largely feline Laguz. But contrary to common belief it was not their  racial differences that started the war. In reality it was cause by two seperate noble families claim to a sacred relic called the Fire Emblem. Both families claimed the Emblem was rightfully theirs. When the relic went missing each blamed the other for it's disappearance. The civil war that ensued cause the country to become two smaller countries. Am-dro to the south is ruled by the Bird Laguz noble family, their capital is located on a peninsula to the south east. Danio is located in the east and ruled by the Noble Feline Laguz, their capital is a mountain top city that looks inland to the setting sun.

Caeli is a monarchy and the only country that boarders all other countries. It has coastal cities to the west that trade frequently with Ddyfrha that boarders them to the south. Am-dro also boarders Caeli to the south. Danio to the east and Briddo to the North. The country is dominated by 'The Great Wood.' This dense forest is the sacred hunting ground of the various Wolf Tribes. The Beorc have mostly neutral relations with the the tribes though their have been a few scuffles over the land with various results. The term 'Wood' can be misleading, it makes it appear that there is nothing but forests, but in realty there were many villages belonging to both Beorc and Laguz. The term 'Wood' is referring to the forest directly surrounding any given Caeli city. The idea of 'The Great Wood' is just the term for the entire forest or any part of Caeli that is not a city. The forest is made mostly of ancient trees. Their canopy hides well traveled paths through the Wood connecting one settlement to the other. This hidden network of dirt roads serves as highways connecting the whole of the nation.

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Re: The Continent of Ziemia
Royal Houses and Families:

Briddo has the largest Royal Family because every Dragon Tribe that existed was considered to be Royal when Briddo was founded. There are very few Dragon Laguz but the Royal Families have swelled in numbers because of marriages with Beorc. The Briddo capital is Duhzak currently ruled by the she-dragon Queen Delfunh and her husband the Branded King Ladon.

Ddyfrha has no royal family but instead is ruled by the most wealthy Merchants. There is no main capital, but each Merchant Lord has control over a specific area, and meet only to make decisions that affect the whole country. These are the four Merchant Lords in order of power from least powerful to greatest: Lord Bradly the rogue, Lord Caul the assassin, Lady Penelope the Captain and High Lord Kale Drake The wise and powerful Bezerker.

Am-dro's capital, Galimous, is on the windy peninsula. It is ruled by the Heron clan. Herons are white Bird Laguz with long plumage, they are fragile, but their songs can give great powers to those who hear it, the stronger the Heron, the more powerful the song.  They sit on the Peacock Throne and rule their country with a gentle but strong hand. The current Heron King is King Pavo.

Danio is ruled by the Lion Laguz clan. They are extremely strong, but also very slow. The males have long manes, even in human form. They are known for their strength and kindness. The current king is King Ari

Caeli is the only Beorc monarchy on the continent. It's capital Fortis is also home to the 'Sanctus Lux Lucis,' and is ruled by the royal family and their king, King Samuel.

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