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An Over Due Apology
I broke my promise. I said I was going to see this game through, and I genuinely thought I would. You guys have been so loyal, and I've done nothing but betray that trust for the last year and half. So I'm going to tell you how the story ends, I owe you that much. I plan on leaving this game us for fan based discussion, but I won't be attempting to run the story any further...

Sebastian slain, all eyes turn to the Arena, where Jake was to be executed. Iaefrah rubs at his wrists where he had been bound to the stone dungeon, and they begin. Thornbeard Delivered on his promise and Ghrunt and his pirates come in force. The Prisoners of the Arena are freed in a grand jail break, and the Arena is bathed in chaos while the bulk of Sebastien's forces are routed, lead by his chief lieutenant Galdspray, Sebastien's forces are defeated and Jake is saved, returning to Iubar, who weeps joyously and tells him that he has a child on the way.

Kale Drake arrives on the following day to see the Einherjar dealing with the daily affairs of the Island, ruling out of Sebastien's manor, with Jake Drake lending his credibility to the whole affair. They explain to Kale Sebastien's plot to Usurp the High Lord, showing him the incriminating letter, and Jake explains how he was intended to be used as leverage.

After this, they explain to Kale the Genocide taking place in the Wood, and the Luna Opus dying at the hands of King Samuel's Generals.

Kale, skill stinging from his encounter with King Samuel, swears to do what he can to end these atrocities. He marshal's his forces on the Island, buys in bulk and departs with in a week, Leaving Jake as the Island's regent.

The Einherjar enjoy a peaceful month on the Island, taking small jobs, relaxing in the summer air, and playing on the beaches of the Island. Iaefrah would practice swordplay with Silva everyday, slowly getting better and better.

Meanwhile, Kale Drake is running a blockade to the city of Nimbalus and it's Duke Cloud, all the while laying siege to the the city. Not long after the Siege begins, Dragons from Briddo begin to make war on the ships. A massive Wind Dragon creates and Giant Whirlpool at the center of the fleet and sends much of it to the bottom of the ocean. General Herold Meshihar appears at Cloud's side and demands a fleet of ships.

Before long, Caeli's armies are crashing over the Island's shores, setting fire to everything. The Einherjar are roused from their rest, and the war, which had been out of their hands for nearly four weeks, was once again knocking on their door. Before noon, General Meshihar and his retinue are just outside Chapter Hall. Iaefrah fervently give Silva his sword, and tells her to go to the docks where Ghrunt will be waiting. Silva protests, but Thornbeard carries her away as Iaefrah mounts up and readies his rune-bow.

Ghrunt's Ships took the Einherjar to the mainland. Silva class changes when she gets the sword.

Meanwhile on the Island, Iaefrah, leads Meshihar, the massive ironclad general to the Silver pond. Iaefrah retreats into the pond. Blow by blow their blood falls into the water. Wounded heavily, leaning on his mare's neck, leaving a smear of blood in her mane He readies his bow one last time, Herold readies his finishing blow, the pond lights up, bright and silver like the moon, and they are all consumed by the light, and vanish.

Something that Iaefrah said is still rings in Silva's head, and she confront she cowardly but stouthearted Mina Tearlight, who reveals herself to be Melania Basium, the Eclipse General of the Caelian army. She asks to see Silva's sword and smiles to herself. "I will tell you when the time is right, she says. But, God willing, I will not need to be the one to tell you... How did he manage it after all these years?" She mused.

The meet with Caul, the Second Merchant Lord, next in line after Kale, but Caul, the ever loyal assassin, directs them under the assumption that Jake Drake is High Lord after Kale, and they assume that he is alive, and that Caul serves Jake, which by extention means he serves the Einherjar.

Combined with Caul's armies, they begin to beat back the Armies of Caeli, until they have resecured the southern edge of The Wood. After weeks of Fighting, they receive a messenger, a Wolf Laguz, a red pawprint tatoo on his breast.

And the Einherjar head deeper and deeper into the Heart of the Wood. Until they arrive at The Ecclesia, the inner sanctum of the forest.

The Ecclesia

Light Particles flow lazily through the shafts of sunlight.

The Trees form arches, and the arches form a hall, and at the end of the Hall is a shrine, an alter of sorts. The wind seeming to be singing softly, rustling through the trees, in words that are just barely discernable, in a language that sounds like a melody.

Slowly, Silva moves toward the alter, inch by inch. People can be seen gathering all around, but at a safe distance, familiar face smile happily and sadly at the same time. Annette embraces Aegwyn, his mother smiles from a polite distance, and his father touches the stump where his left forearm used to be absently. Gydion is the only one who follows Silva toward the alter, but even he keeps a safe distance. Degrahth exchanges looks with his fellow Laguz, who are weary at first, but then great him, clasping forearms as clansmen. None disturb the silence and the song of the trees. On the alter, Iaefrah lies, his hands clasped over his chest, an eyepach over his right eye, and his left leg missing. Bandaged and pale he opens his eye as Silva gently slides her hands in his.

"Opus keep you, I knew you'd make it here, Silva." He smiled sadly at her.

She knelt before the alter and embraced him, carefully so she didn't hurt him, but she squeezed. She had missed her lazy father.

"I had a dream, before you were born, Silva. I dreamed of us standing here in the Ecclesia, the home of the Divine Shadow. Where I would give you a father's blessing, and the Luna Opus would recognize you, fully as it's Messiah. The Messiah is a Caelian word, the real title is much older. The Ulbram. The Guardian."

Carefully, painfully, Iaefrah put his hand on Silva's soft blue hair.

"Listen to the forest. It's trying to greet you in the only way it knows how. Sing the words with me:

"Sibimet orbis terrarum est ending. Nobis is est orsa. Ex suum cinis cineris nos vadum adeo a novus aevum." As they recited the words together the forest rang like a chime, and light began to glow from Silva, her sword began to glow as well. At last the Forest imbued Silva with it's final blessing, conferring on her the final class change, making her The Ulbram.

"In your sword is the Fire Emblem, that symbol, it is the merging of Light and Shadow. The Laguz Kingdom's have been fighting over it for years. But it was never theirs. It belong only to the Oracles of the Lunas Opus, to be given to the messiah. That's why the Caeli have been searching for it. They have one Oracle remaining, and it was their hope that if they could give her the fire emblem that she would be able to cancel your power and they would be able to snuff out the darkness. Only oracles can use both Light and Dark Magic, and with the Fire Emblem, your spell will be more powerful than ever. You will be able to restore the balance."

"Just shut up dad!" Silva said after it felt like he was never going to stop talking.
She punched him in the arm.

"Thought you were dead."

Iaefrah smiled. "So did I."

They sat in silence for a while longer, her small but study hands holding his frail weak ones. They took turns squeezing each other's hands.

"Take it easy on Gyd, won't you? I've always liked that boy."

The now united armies of the Wolf Tribes, and the Trade Lords swept the Caeli army out of the forest, lead by Silva and the Einherjar.

They found that the forest ended sooner than it had before:

Miles and miles had been leveled. They fought Dragons in those hills, but they were few and the Ecclesia hand given them all back their strength and them some.

When they arrived at Fortis, the armies had retreated, and lead by General Gregory Hashimash and his Purge Tome, letting him strike down enemies from afar. The Four Quarters of the city were cleared, and the Palace surrounded. They stormed the castle, where King Samuel waited for them.

He bemoaned his legacy as King, and seemed to snap from levity to pity to insanity. He drew his spear of light and commanded his troops to attack. The battle that ensued was fierce, but the Einherjar had seen worse and they fought back. Samuel snickered madly, and then, snapping out of something he spoke as if he had made peace with his fate. "Forgive me Oracle." He said.

His throne moved aside to reveal a passageway, down the steps the Einherjar climbed.

Ivan Pesoga guarded the gates to the next room, like Cerberus at the gates of hell, standing tall on his wyvern. He and Melania argued for a bit, where he admitted why she had been made general. They had been hopeful that the Fire Emblem would restore power and sight to their kingdom.

Ivan, the last Sentinel of the Caelian army fell, but he did not go down easily, he earned his nickname as Ivan Bloodbringer.

Past the last gates, a huge champer sprawled out in complete darkness. A loud cackling came from within the chamber.

"So the Ulbram comes to meeee"
she squealed. "And she brings with her the Fire Emblem, to graciously restore my power."

"Who are you?!" Silva demands, "Why do all this?!"

"Melechine, I am called. My sisters and I were were the Oracles Three! Like a dog they kept their Oracles, to wallow in our filth, yes. But no longer. NO LONGER! The World will run a wash with blood, and the wood shall be reduced to smolders, and a the world shall burn, and a new Fire Emblem shall be forged. It is a mere trinket to others, but in the right hands, you can create life! The Oracles of old used the Fire Emblem to make the Wood grow stronger. I have been harvesting the necessary power. "Sibimet orbis terrarum est ending. Nobis is est orsa. Ex suum cinis cineris nos vadum adeo a novus aevum." Do you know what this means? If means from their ashes shall be born our destiny! The Sanctus Lux Lucis thinks this means they must kill the Lunas Opus, and now the Lunas Opus thinks it means they must kill the Lux. But it is mere words to them. It only pertains to us. From their ashes a new Fire Emblem is formed. Mine is not complete yet. Rest assured, when you die here, the Dragons on Briddo will wash over Ziemia and finish what Samuel started."

Melechine began to summon Undead, a ball of raw energy in her hands the beginning of a new Fire Emblem, the battle seemed to go on forever, and indeed, none could get near the Oracle while she was wielding the raw power of life, Silva alone held the power to face her, but until she died, her companions had to fight and endless number of undying soldiers.

"Strong, girl, you are very strong! BUT YOU CANNOT HOPE TO BEAT ME!!!!"

"You're a monster! I will not let you do this!"

"What! NOOO! I command life and death!  Melechine cannot be defeated..." She fell into a pile of ash as she died, the raw Fire Emblem exploding into blue sparks.


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I wanted to thank you all for your loyalty, and I'm deeply sorry that I could not fulfill this game. I know reading it is not the same as playing it, but I hope you enjoy the ending and it provides a little closure. I also didn't want you to think I ran out material. I had most of the campaign planned out, I just lost the will to continue. I'm still around on RPOL. Thank you all for making this possible.