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The World of Thear

Here's a map of Thear. Only the main and important lakes are shown, and some of them I haven't named yet, but you get the picture. Ignore the wacky colors, as this is a political map, and I want you to see the different borders.

In Thear, there are six great empires, all very powerful and all very different. Within these empires are several races and peoples, but they all swear their allegiance to their king or queen, who is likewise sworn to the emperor or empress of that region. The 6 empires are as follows:

Dajhiris: The empire of the sun and sand

Felliwahn: Empire of the blade

Jaisyrr: Empire of the dragon

Halidar: Empire of the tower

Iatherias: Empire of the oracle

Uthirienn: Empire of the thorn

Dajhiris is an empire found in the desert and hot places of Thear. It is vast with several oasis's and more lush areas of life. The people there are hardy and strong, used to living life in danger and harsh conditions. They are cunning and clever and good at making do with what they have. They are generally an independent people, keeping to themselves even amongst their own. They are excellent traders though, and barter well too, often traveling for miles to sell their wares. They are exotic and dark skinned from the sun, their hair ranging from dark cinnamon red to black. Rarely blond. Their eyes likewise are dark, from deep green to brown or black. They are paranoid about their personal hygiene, always using lotions and perfumes to make themselves more appealing. Black kohl is often used around their eyes to protect from the sun, and has become something of a social trait, the application of the kohl differing from class to class. Veils are also common, though they are not enforced, merely being used to keep the sand out of one's mouth and nose. Tattoos mark the tribe and area one came from, and are worn with marks of pride. Criminals are looked down harshly in this area, and even simple crimes are punished harshly at best, for it is a disgrace to be a criminal, and one's tattoo will be outlined in red if you were branded as such, so that others will know to shun you.

Felliwahn is an empire that is founded upon warfare and skill at arms. They are an aggressive and ferocious society, often warring within the empire and out as well. They are some of the most elite and excellently trained soldiers in Thear, and even simple folk are well trained in the spear and sword. They are highly disciplined, bred and trained for battle and if you are weak, handicapped, or ill suited for fighting, you are considered less of a person in society. This means that their view of women is quite poor as well, for though they do train their women in combat, they are thought of as inferior to the strength of men and thus treated poorly. A woman was to give you a son to train as a great soldier, little more. There is a faction of Felliwahn women who've broken apart from the rest of society and become fighting women calling themselves Amazons. They are fierce and ferocious towards their male oppressors and take in any women from any empire who wish to fight and be free of male ideals. The men fear them and their independent ways, afraid the other women would rebel against them and cause an uproar, so Amazons who are caught are very harshly punished, and they are spoken very ill of in the rest of the empire. In fact, to call a woman an Amazon is a very great insult. Felliwahn's can have varying shades of hair, eye, and skin color, so there is no great distinction there. But they are almost all taller than the rest of the people of Thear, even the women, and all are physically very fit and strong as to be weak or flabby is considered disgraceful as well as punishable by law.

Jaisyrr is the empire of the dragon and is known for its close relationships to animals and magical creatures, the dragon being the most elite of these. If you want any kind of animal at all, this is the empire to come to. People are very close to their animals, whether they be magical or normal creatures. They are taught at a young age how to train, handle, and ride just about anything, and it is said that some even develop telepathic bonds between their creatures. The dragon in the most important animal to these people, who's affection and devotion border on worship. The dragon is on the imperial crest, and is used as a symbol of luck and good fortune, the saying "May the dragon always burn within you" is a common farewell. To them, the dragon is the king of beasts, and above all other creatures including humans. They do and will eat meat, though they are very selective of what they'll kill and when. They are firm believers in reincarnation, thinking that they will come back as animals and eventually become dragons themselves. To them humans are fairly low on the rung of animals, herbivores being the lowest, then humans, than various carnivores until you reach the dragon. Still, they respect any and all creatures. They are the best mounted soldiers in the world, and their fighting styles are often named after and mimic the movement of animals, so that they can be quite ferocious in battle. They generally lead peaceful lives, save those in the military (especially the Calvary). They are the foremost supplier of animals and mounts to the rest of Thear, and their stock is the best that money can buy. They are often gentle, honest people, kind and well meaning, but there is always exceptions to the rule, as in any country. Occasionally a Jaisyrran will "lose their mind to an animal" and end up in a blind rage, going temporarily mad and violent, almost rabid. This is called the raging disease, and happens very rarely. No on is completely sure what causes it, but they all fear it and the few times it has happened is remembered with a shudder. These unfortunate individuals who display these signs or any signs leading up to it, are put down for the good of the others. It is every Jaisyrran's worst nightmare to be coming down with this disease, as they know they are a danger to their family and friends, often those who discover the various signs in themselves with commit suicide rather than be faced with shaming their family by revealing their condition to them. Jaisyrran's are usually dark haired and dark eyed, though their skin color ranges from several different tones. Lighter colors, though uncommon, are not unheard of.

Halidar is the empire of the tower, the empire of scholars and magic users. There are plenty of both in every empire, but this is where the best ones congregate. Most people who live in Halidar are not actually born there, they are from other empires and come to learn more of their craft or profession. In fact, the majority of people there are foreigners, or born of a foreign background, though it is not unusual to see a true Halidarian, who are known by their white blond hair and icy eyes ranging from gray to light green. Halidar is very accepting of any religion or creed, background and belief. It is a melting pot of other nations, and it has been decreed that it is the one safe haven from war, where no people's shall fight against each other for it is the place of study and learning. The best scholars and mages are found here, and everyone in the city has good education at best, save for a few poor beggars here and there who find it difficult to survive in such an advanced city. Crime is actually remarkably high here, for it is a very crowded place even in rural areas. There are all manner of shops and taverns, and it is perhaps the most sophisticated place for entertainment one can find save for Uthirienn. Government officials from all empires often meet here for it is neutral ground and very popular amongst the noble classes. There are slums though in Halidar, famous for the violence and illegal activities that occur, as well as the poverty stricken conditions and hunger that happen as well. To go down one of the slums alone is practically suicide, the saying is that thieves will pick your bones clean before you can cross the street. Halidar is always in the know of what is going on in the world and the latest rumors and gossip, and it is very difficult and expensive to live there, especially if you do not live in one of the universities. A great deal of trading from all over Thear happens here as once again people like the neutrality and safety of the area. Despite the laws against fighting, violence and murder is very common here, mostly from the lower classes trying not to starve, or some businessman holding a grudge against another or looking for a new opportunity.  Halidar is the smallest empire by far, as it is really more of a massive city than anything else, but the Empress still holds a great deal of weight amongst her fellow leaders, and to displease her is a very foolish thing to do. The financial and economic contributions of Halidar help keep the rest of the world in order.

Iatharias is the empire of the Oracle. The oracle is a young, beautiful girl of only twelve who has recently stepped up as the next oracle. Oracles have run this empire for centuries, chosen by the priests and clergy of the church after much thought and discussion. Oracles have always been young girls, and have always led the empire through their prophetic abilities as well as through the counsel of the rest of the church. Other empires scoff at the worship and strict obedience to such a young girl whom they see as crazy, false, or merely set up by power hungry lords who'd use her to rule through. There are priests and prophets all over Tear who have the ability to see the future and divine things, but none claims to have a direct connection with the gods, or to be able to see and understand clearly the meaning of the prophecies they receive, the main difference between them and the Oracle. The people of Iatharias are generally peace loving and simple, attending church and going about their lives, but always following the religious guidance of the oracle. Because of other empire's doubts and often violent natures, there is a great army of holy knights that the church has maintained to keep off threats from other empires, for Iatharias is very rich in lush fertile land as well as various mines with valuable resources. Seventy percent of Thear's precious stones and gold and silver come from Iatharias, and there is a fortune to be had to whomever owns the land. In fact, Iatharias is the wealthiest of all the empires by far, but the wealth is horded and often used in religious decoration of temples and churches. The knights of Iatharias are called The knights of the Sapphire throne, a reference to the sapphire throne of the oracle, for sapphires are by far the most precious and fine gem in Iatharias. They wear white tunics over their armor, with a golden compass and a blue sun in the middle as their crest. They are amongst the most elite and well trained knights in all of Thear, and even Felliwahn recognizes their military prowess. It is them that has kept Iatharias safe, and they are so well disciplined that you could pass a blade an inch from their nose and they would not flinch. Besides the religious group in Iatharian, there are the nonbelievers, a definite minority, who only follow the Oracle because law decrees it, and actually do not much care for their structure of life. There have been a few minor incidences where rebellious groups of non believers have caused some trouble in an effort to voice their animosity towards the Oracle, but nothing that hasn't been able to be taken care of. Still, the church is well aware of the enemies in its midst who would be much happier if their nation was more accepted and traditionally run like the other empires. Other nations often frown upon the empire they see as religious fanatics who follow false zealots and believe that anyone could commune directly with the gods. Iatharias is thought of as odd at best, though they do have peaceful treaties with some empires, and many people see them as harmless. Still, there are others who are but waiting the opportunity to pounce on the untapped wealth in the land. The people of Iatharias are average height and build, with average coloring, often dark though light hair and eyes are not uncommon. They are hard workers, mostly farmers or minors or some form of church men, though there is always exceptions and variations.

Uthirienn is the empire of the thorn. It is the empire most based on pleasure of all kinds. They are very artistic and the musicians and painters that originate from there are revered throughout the world. Beauty is the most important thing to an Uthirienn, and the more beautiful you are, the more status you have, though it is not uncommon for cunning and financial savvy to get you to the top as well. The women there are famous for their aggressive flirtatiousness and voluptuous bodies. If you are born without curves, you fake it, otherwise you get nowhere. Everyone learns the art of conversation, and they have hundreds of intricate rules for it, including innuendos, insults, and pick up lines. Debate and argumentation are the most popular forms of entertainment, and people will start an argument just for the pure pleasure of dispute. Therefore people are always bickering, and to outsiders it seems it is a very unpleasant and aggressive empire, but really they are all having the time of their lives. If one is born without beauty, wit can save them, if one is born with neither, then they are very poor off indeed. To have both is to be respected and well thought of. People always eat well here, even the poor, for taste is the most important part of the food and everything is perfectly spiced. There is a variety of drugs and herbs that people use almost habitually to maintain a "pleasant frame of mind" and they are exported illegally in large quantities. Because of this market there are many rich men in women who thrive off this illegal business of buying and selling what they call "mood alterers". They are very good at the chemistry of things as well, so poison is sold and used abundantly here too, as it is a much less tiresome way of murder than stabbing a knife into someone. People here are abundantly lazy and even those with jobs rarely do them to the extent they should. Everyone lives out of their means, for everything is judged in one's appearance. Appearance is the most important thing. Physical beauty is very much appreciated here, and people tend to think its their duty to love those who have it. Even married couples will flirt with others, even in each others presence, and they are often commenting to each other how fine a person looks, or how attracted they are to this person. It is quite permissible to flirt and even kiss while married, but to do any more than that falls on dangerous ground. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but you are ill thought of after that. Entertainment is also very important here, and they have the most lavish and brilliant entertainment in all of Thear. Everyone has great confidence and social skills, very artful at manipulation and innuendos. They are excellent business men and charming diplomats. The military is not so good as those of other empires, but their league of assassins are unmatched and nearly un-findable. Espionage is also very advanced here as well. Hair tends to fall into the redder tones, whether it be strawberry blond or dark auburn. Eyes are all shades, and skin is often pale unless you are one of the unfortunate people who are forced to work outside, in which case you are considered less attractive by your peers as its obvious you don't have a lot of money. No one knows why it is called the empire of the thorn, that knowledge has been forgotten. Body types vary, though tall people are rare here. Often times people lean towards the more fleshy body as rich food and little work tends to take its toil on people as they age, though the young women are known for their gloriously beautiful bodies, perhaps the only thing they actually work hard for.
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Re: The World of Thear
If any of these areas do not seem like a good fit for your character, feel free to let me know of any ideas you have for your origins. There are uncharted lands in Thear so it would be easy to come up with something together that would make a better fit. Just let me know beforehand please.