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Thu 25 Mar 2010
at 21:13
OOC Off topic
A place for posting all your random thoughts
Otto Kliest
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 Human Ratcatcher
Wed 31 Mar 2010
at 18:02
Re: OOC Off topic
Connor Dugan:
I gotta get some sleep, GM if I have it, I'll buy passage on that coach now, and if Otto agrees I'll go half on that room. I'd like to stay up but there is a line waiting for the computers...

Line?  Where are you at? and going to bed  what part of the world are you in?

If its ok to ask? :)
 GM, 27 posts
Wed 31 Mar 2010
at 18:07
Re: OOC Off topic
That's my buddy Jason. He's posting from Iraq.
Grimgrin Irongrudge
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 Dwarf Watchman
Wed 31 Mar 2010
at 19:06
Re: OOC Off topic
Hey Jason,

Take care over there.