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Wed 7 Apr 2010
at 01:07
House Rules and Accumulated Rulings
Here is where house rules and accumulated rulings will be posted to clarify things.
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Wed 7 Apr 2010
at 01:17
We'll be playing loose and fast with initiative due to the limitations of play by post. Everyone still acts once per round but actions will be resolved in the order they are posted in order to speed up combat and limit time spent waiting.

Here is an example:

Initiative Order:
PC1 54
PC2 49
PC3 47
Rats (for obligatory rat killing quest) 45
PC4 41
PC5 33

PC1, PC2 and PC3 effectively all act at the same time and their actions are resolved by order of post. Then the rats will have their turn. Finally PC4 and PC5 act simultaneously to end the round.
 GM, 51 posts
Wed 7 Apr 2010
at 01:25
Dodge and Parry
We won't be stopping the game every time somebody gets hit to wait and see if a character wants to use their dodge or parry. I'll just automatically roll dodge/parry (whichever is better) against the first hit that a character suffers in a round unless the player gives me instructions to do otherwise

example: Hey GM, Wilfried will take any hits from the goblins and save his parry for the attack from the Black Orc. If the Black Orc's attack is a miss just use the parry against the next hit after that.
 GM, 52 posts
Wed 7 Apr 2010
at 02:16
Re: Dodge and Parry
Fortune Points are replenished every day when a character wakes up in the morning. They can still be used on Parry/Dodge rolls, you just have to let me know in advance or give me a standard set of rules for their usage.

example: Hey GM, burn a fortune point for me on the first failed parry or dodge of every combat.

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Otto Kliest
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Wed 7 Apr 2010
at 03:12
Re: Dodge and Parry
Uhm in advance just automatically burn a fate point if i'm going to die  k thx.
 GM, 53 posts
Wed 7 Apr 2010
at 03:24
Re: Dodge and Parry
Noted :)
 GM, 84 posts
Sun 11 Apr 2010
at 06:16
Riding Horses
There is a reason that warhorses are so much more expensive than riding horses. Riding Horses startle much easier and will generally shy away from combat. A riding check will be required each round to keep them from fleeing in such situations.
 GM, 85 posts
Sun 11 Apr 2010
at 06:25
Friendly Fire
Shooting into a melee is dangerous. If your attack misses due to the -20% penalty for firing into a fight it means you've hit the wrong person. Depending on positioning your companions might also be providing a significant amount of cover to the enemy.




If PC2 tries to fire at the goblin he'll have a significant chance of hitting PC1 on a just plain ol' miss.
 GM, 212 posts
Mon 17 May 2010
at 03:01
Ulrich brought to my attention an errata that says that the blunderbuss can be fired without the specialist weapon group (gunpowder) talent. I've got to say I don't really like this rule.

I'm sure the argument was made by someone that the blunderbuss doesn't even require a BS roll to hit so it must be idiot proof and therefore it should be usable by everyone. I'd counter by saying that for it to reach that level of idiotproofness (I'm making up words now) that a user would need at least SOME level of skill and familiarity with gunpowder weapons.

What does all that rambling mean? For my game the effective use of a blunderbuss requires a user to have the gunpowder talent. I allowed Ulrich to do it this one time because it was obviously a very important part of his plan that he was counting on and he didn't know I wasn't going to allow it.
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Sun 19 Dec 2010
at 20:24
Fortune Points
BTW, some people seem to play that you can only use one fortune point on a roll. Just to make it clear, you have the option to use as many FPs as you want on any roll.