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All-seeing Eye
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Fri 16 Jul 2010
at 23:02
Labyrinth: Student room - Aki
(To be 'decorated' by the player)
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Sat 17 Jul 2010
at 02:08
Re: Labyrinth: Student room - Aki
The room is decorated with ancient Japanese paintings and calligraphy, as well as a few posters of the latest J-Pop Stars.  The smell of sandelwood fills the room, giving a relaxing sweet scent.  Near the window is a small set of flowers, delicately arrayed similar to a pogoda.

Despite all these things, the room is covered in darkness, even during the daylight, and there is little in the way of lighting.
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Wed 11 Aug 2010
at 23:46
Re: Labyrinth: Student room - Aki
(After the tour, feel free to knock and inquire within)

Aki was tired from all of the walking around, and was fairly overwhelmed as she walked into her room.  She slid off her shoes at the door, lit a stick of sandelwood incense and took a deep breath.  The old ways were very much a comfort in these times.
Joseph Katsuya
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Fri 13 Aug 2010
at 05:40
Re: Labyrinth: Student room - Aki
Joseph walked past Aki's room on the way to his own, before he stopped in his tracks, and sniffed the air. He looked towards the open door, identifying it as some sort of incense. He smirked, and knocked on the door. "Nice choice in incense," he complemented.