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All-seeing Eye
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Tue 31 Aug 2010
at 16:55
Labyrinth: Student room - 'Geri' Williamson
(To be 'decorated' by the player)
'Geri' Williamson
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Tue 31 Aug 2010
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Re: Labyrinth: Student room - 'Geri' Williamson
Geri's room is surprisingly well-appointed for someone who arrived at the Labyrinth with only the clothes on her back. Assorted bits of questionably "antique" kitsch cover every shelf and ledge. A large rubber tree plant rests in one corner by the window. A real wood 3-shelf bookshelf has been added, although it features only a few creased paperbacks, an old dictionary, and assigned school texts. The ugly venetian blinds have been taken down and replaced with burgundy drapes. Even the bed is adorned with a complete linen set, including dust ruffle. The closet is also filled to bursting with some of the latest casual fashions. For someone who claims to have left her family and life behind, Geri has an awful lot of stuff.
'Geri' Williamson
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Fri 25 Feb 2011
at 22:37
Re: Labyrinth: Student room - 'Geri' Williamson
Geri lay in bed, staring at the time and weather forecast that her alarm clock projected on her ceiling. Physics class had started 10 minutes ago. She should have been there. But history class had gone horribly. She didn't know anything that the other kids knew. Her parents taught her how to survive, not who had been the eighth President. Why did that sort of thing even matter?

Whatever, she thought to herself. If I flunk out, I flunk out, but i'm not going to get kicked out for not going to class. She reached over and touched her physics book with her bare toe, causing it to pop out of existence, sat up, and slipped on her shoes. She's best get to class. She could say she got lost on the way.

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