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All-seeing Eye
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Sat 26 Mar 2011
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Interlude 1-2:1 Criminology
A few days after the time-travelers returned and were debriefed by Daedalus, classes were back to normal.

In this case, the morning class was Lance Manning instructing on basic criminology and crime-prevention techniques. The classroom had various monitors set up, each slowly slide-showing through various crime reports, mild crime scene photographs (nothing graphic), and tactical-seeming maps of Freedom City.
Manning himself was sitting at a desk in front of the class. As the students arrived, he was sipping a cup of coffee and had his feet up on the old wooden desk. With his suit and fedora, he almost looked like a noir gumshoe, just one that appeared to be in his late 50's.
Joseph Katsuya
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Sun 27 Mar 2011
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Re: Interlude 1-2:1 Criminology
Joseph didn't care how much this teacher looked like a period piece. If anything, he was giving Lance his rapt attention, as though he were his new fan. Joseph was amazed there was a full class to criminology offered here at the high school level. That was, well, right up his alley. He made sure to be here early. He drained the last of a cup of coffee, and put it aside.
Karl Grimmson
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Sun 27 Mar 2011
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Re: Interlude 1-2:1 Criminology
Karl's feet landed heavily as he entered. His sketchpad lay in his backpack because he was to tired to mess with it today. He looked around after he sat, trying to dispel the images that were left in his head after his last round of nightmares. Civil War... I think., he ponders as he sits staring at the board. His hair is disheveled- ruffled feathers his dad would call it- and he's wearing a simple black T.
Riel Hahn
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Sun 27 Mar 2011
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Re: Interlude 1-2:1 Criminology
Riel was a lot more confident than on her first days here.  She'd made a difference with her powers and miraculously, none of them had been seriously injured.

She'd taken care with her dress, as she realized she actually cared what the others thought of her.  She wore a black tank-top and a flowing black peasant skirt over black leggings, conservatively accented with silver jewelry--including a new Star of David.  She regretted the loss of the first one, btu wasn't prepared to share that particualr shame with anyone else quite yet.  She knew she'd never recover it--being lost somewhere in Poland sometime in the 1940's.

It disturbed her that there'd been two time-related incidents within the first couple of days.  First the... what was it.. a basilisk?--then the trip to WWII Europe.  If ther were time-instabilities around campus, then she ran the risk of being sucked off to Mongol China while in the midst of showering... that thought gave her some pause.

Her course-work gave her something to focus on.  But it was difficult to avoid distraction when the other students included a walking android and a eternal goddess of the underworld.  At least that's how she saw things.

Riel realized that if she was going to fit in, she had to start acting like she fit in.  How did one fit in with such a mixed bunch of... what were they?  not superheroes.  Misfits?

Riel took her seat near the redhead, folded her skirt beneath her and dropped into the seat.  she glanced over at the redhead.  He had mussed-up hair, like he hadn't slept in a week.  Riel knew it was part of the fashion, but his hair still made him look younger than he probably was.

"Hey." She said.  "Did I miss anything?"

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